Quick and easy muffins PLEASE!

carmy2, Mar 8, 1:59am
im not a cook or baker, but i have found my tin, and the kids love thm TIA.

camrob, Mar 8, 2:04am
Hi Carmy, Any muffin recipe can be made quickly and easily. I follow the general rule of putting all the wet ingredients (including softened butter, but I usually use canola oil) and sugar into a blender and process until thoroughly mixed. Then stir this into the dry ingredients, carefully and not too much, leave it a bit lumpy looking, then spoon into your sprayed muffin pans.

pam.delilah, Mar 8, 2:10am
go to trademe cooks website via this link
http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=15&t=612&
muffinspage 2.
There is a recipe for ABC master mix which you can make up, store and by adding different ingredients(recipes given) you make muffins in a jiffy

shelley39, Mar 8, 2:56am
I have real trouble making muffins so I now buy the edmonds muffin mix. You can make as many as you like and add your own flavour.

crails, Oct 12, 8:47am
I've taken to buying in the muffin mix in a bag same packaging as flour I think either Elfin or Edmonds make it. Really good product easy to use add eggs a bit of oil and water and then throw in a cup of whatever I tend to do berries and cream cheese. They come out just like the ones from the Cafe's i. e Muffin Break

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