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mary-poppins, Mar 7, 8:25pm
Morning all, can you please advise the best mix to buy (my other half wants the 'red and green bits' in it). I have used Tasti the last couple of cakes and havn't been that impressed. TIA

valentino, Mar 7, 10:36pm
Most packs of mixed fruit comes in clear packages, just try those that have more of what you looking for... . even at Pak'N'Save, pams are not too bad a mix and if one wants that little extra then perhaps by the glazed packs of cherries etc to increase within the fruit mix.

Hopes this makes sense.


indy95, Mar 8, 2:54am
Try making up your own mix mary-poppins, adding in extra of whatever you want to. It is well worth it and as long as you take the trouble to check out the quality, fruit from bulk bins is usually perfectly fine to use.

mary-poppins, Mar 8, 3:07am
Thanks for that, can anyone tell me what the 'green bits' are?

cgvl, Mar 8, 3:16am
they the same as the red bits, green cherries as opposed to red cherries.
Best cake mix if you can get it is the boxed australian one, Think its Sunbeam brand nicest one you can get.

ravenraye, Mar 8, 5:26am
re cherries - red and green: do check the ingredient list on each brand as some of the cheaper ones don't have REAL cherries, they just use a coloured confection to make it look like fruit mix, and this will be stated. Really poor practice, I reckon !

mary-poppins, Oct 11, 5:08pm
awesome, thanks heaps, ill have a look at the supermarket and see what different mixes i can find :)

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