What did you bake today?

supercook, Mar 7, 8:04am
I made ginger crunch, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake and mini apple pies for pudding.

kdan017, Mar 7, 8:39am
Apricot Balls, yummm!

mber2, Mar 7, 9:11am
supercook, i like to know if you could put your carrot recipe on here pleasethanks

abbey_magick, Mar 7, 9:41am
Peanut brownies from the edmonds cook book but no peanuts. M&M minis instead... ... yummy

snapit, Mar 7, 10:42am
This trademe cook made vanilla cup cakes but the were eaten before they were iced, just got a dusting of icing sugar.

fruitluva2, Mar 7, 11:02am
Just bread, rhubarb cake and chocolate crunch slice

cam651, Mar 7, 7:10pm
A huge big banana cake, ginger hokey pokey biscuits and chocolate crunch slice for the very first time.

lulu239, Mar 7, 7:29pm
Still humming and haaaing as to what to bake today. I will try 2 new muffin recipes. Hospice needs about 250 muffins for a "do" so thought I would try some new ones out.

darlingmole, Mar 7, 7:34pm
I'm making chocolate crunch and coconut slice (with trademe's favourite sweetened condensed milk! )

robyn35, Mar 7, 8:12pm
I made chocoholic muffins, chocolate slice, a very vibrant marble cake, weetbix slice, savoury scrolls and my son made chocolate crackles, that should take care of the lunch boxes for a couple of days

harrislucinda, Mar 7, 10:31pm

snapit, Mar 7, 10:32pm
Another great thread from the Trademe Community Recipes forum. A great group of helpful friendly members happily sharing with the Trademe family and visitors. We invite you to join us here and not on the stack--- site these have been hijacked to.
http://www.trademe.co.nz/Community/MessageBoard/Messages. asp
x? id=204397&#p3829812

alebix, Mar 8, 12:17am
I have a large pavlova in the oven. . hopefully it will ok for a late night feast tonight.

camrob, Mar 8, 2:25am
mmmmm, great thread gives me ideas. Yesterday I bummed out making a Madeira cake which was so dry. Don't know what went wrong, it had 4 oz butter and 4 eggs in it. What can I do with it now? Any ideas.

indy95, Mar 8, 2:39am
This trade me cook made gingernuts.

darlingmole, Mar 8, 3:52am
drown it in custard and devour!

darlingmole, Oct 11, 8:45am
chocoholic muffins? do share!

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