Anyone else used recipes from NZ MasterChef?

biddy6, Mar 6, 9:45am
I made Sue's Creamy Chicken last night. It was quite nice but I used cream instead of milk for a creamier sauce. The Kumera scones on top were really delicious!

add1, Mar 7, 7:06am
I printed off the curry tripe recipe but am stumped on how to source three ingredients - fresh lemongrass, fresh coriander root & fresh kaffir lime leaves... ... no Asian supermarket in my town.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 7, 7:08am
I get lemongrass and lime leaves from Foodtown - try Woolies in Gisborne.

camrob, Mar 8, 2:42am
I have a kaffir lime tree, I'm sure if you ask around your friends someone will know someone with one. If you have no luck you can substitue all those ingredients with dried product, all available in your supermarket.

add1, Mar 10, 7:56am
Not all supermarkets are created equal. No dried kaffir lime leaves in either of ours but can get them at the health shop in town. Also got dried lemongrass at the healthshop.

sarahj1, Oct 19, 7:43am
10 yo son made the pavlova roulade for dessert last week - fantastic!