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punkinthefirst, Mar 7, 11:27pm
I'm not moving! I have shelves full of cook-books, from Edmonds and Alison Holst to my professional chef's cookbooks, and I'm not leaving one of them behind!

indy95, Mar 8, 2:49am
Did anyone else notice Karen who was eliminated from " Hottest Baker " after the pie making episode say at the beginning of the series that she has at least 1000 cookbooks ? Good grief !

allspices, Mar 12, 7:51am
Alison Holst always successful, NZ based so seasons totally appropriate, covers the range from everday family to high occasions. Would grab first out the door.

dezzie, Mar 12, 8:07am
I'd take the one that was my nanna's, that has recipes of my mums, and now mine written in, plus some I've stolen off the mother in law and various friends.

aktow, Mar 12, 4:01pm
french palapratabout 30 years old and still worth over $150

runeaholics, Mar 14, 2:30am
The internet... . ;D

(Being cheeky).

I don't really have a recipe book, the only 'recipe book' I have is one from Intermediate when we did the food course...

jimminette, Mar 14, 5:49am
I've got that one too - it is falling apart but I've often tossed up between that and Edmonds and often the AWW has won. It's really good and I've used it more than any others.

lol the wedding cake in there is the best Christmas cake. EXCEPT first time I made it I made the 1 pound cake thinking it's got to be a reasonable size. Meant it used 1 pound of butter and I ended up with about 5 cakes. Even did it the second year until I look up to see why I was getting so much mixture. Bit slow sometimes

kulkkulbelle, Mar 14, 6:50am
Take a vine ripened tomato - Julie Biuso

cgvl, Mar 15, 2:34am
actually I'm with indy95.
It would be very difficult indeed to seperate me from my cook books. I have quite a few but apart from my edmonds (old one) and my hand written one. The others I wouldn't part with are my bread, Rice, casserole and 2 others as well as an old Atlas stove one. So would be hiding about 12 books of varying size on me, these are the ones I use the most.
However I could make do with 2-3 of them at a pinch lol.

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