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skye7, Feb 1, 1:33am
Hi All
Last year I purchased a Crockpot Recipe Book which had recipes in it from TM members. I gave this book to my daughter who uses it frequently. I am keen to purchase another copy and wondered if anyone knows if it is still available.

Thank you in advance

cookessentials, Feb 1, 1:58am
I do know there was a bit of controversy over it as the poster who was selling it had not gained any permission from recipe posters whose recipes were featured. I cannot remember the posters name, sorry.

winnie231, Feb 1, 1:58am
Not sure if it's still available.
This book caused ALOT of friction here as many folks are happy to share their recipes but weren't happy that they were published in a book without permission.

jtonkin, Feb 1, 2:34am
No that is not correct I had gained ALL users say so for the book thank you, it was created in 2007 and yes I can list another for you skye7 :)There was another however who simply did not get all users permission and the two are constantly mixed up.I will pop one up for you in a little while :)

winnie231, Feb 1, 2:38am
My apologies then jtonkin ...

vintagekitty, Feb 1, 2:38am
what sort of recipes are in your cookbook?. I think I suck at using my crockpot (except for soup) everything come's out like babyfood or tastes the same

jtonkin, Feb 1, 2:43am
Have popped the auction up for you Skye (can't find the photo of the booklet to put up with it but will try and find one :)

jtonkin, Feb 1, 2:47am
that's okay winnie - the controversy was started by my ex husbands new partner who decided last year she would start a malicious campaign against me on these message boards.Some people just never grow up ha.

cookessentials, Feb 1, 3:57am
I knew there was one that did cause alot of problems, did not wish to offend.

fisher, Feb 1, 4:49am
so who was this "another however who simply did not get all users permission" person that was mixed up..???

uli, Feb 1, 5:39am
Sounds interesting.

skye7, Feb 1, 7:10am
That is awesome Thank you

uli, Feb 1, 7:57am
Glad to know jtonkin is not making "any money out of this" - or maybe only 10 cents ... what a hoot!

karensweatman, Feb 1, 8:00am
I got 3 free cookbooks emailed to me today from the maggi slow cooker, if you look on the back of the packet mix there is a website & if you go to it & request the cookbooks they email them to you in pdf format for free.

skye7, Feb 1, 8:03am
Great thanks for that. I think my Crockpot is going to be very busy

uli, Feb 1, 8:08am
Hope that you realize that it is costing you more than an hour of oven time ...

nfh1, Feb 1, 8:21am
If you put slow cooker in the search box on the left and change the 'Date Posted' to anytime, you will have enough recipes to last you for years and years!

Some sites for you as well

Have fun

vintagekitty, Feb 1, 8:23am
Maybe they are doing it to be nice, I know its prob a foreign concept to some

krisbop, Feb 1, 11:47pm
I love the crock pot but only knw how to make 2 things.. whole chicken and veges, and apricot chicken.... will defantly search for a crock pot book id use it everyday if i new enough nice things to make in it haha

juliewn, Feb 2, 12:25am
Hi Jtonkin. I remember your generosity in having compiled the book,so all the crockpot recipes are together, and at no profit to yourself.

There was another trader who made up booklets of recipes from the messageboard here, then was selling them on Trademe for profit.. this is the one so many of us weren't happy about..

Jtonkin.. In case the book you currently have listed is the one for sky7, would you be able to list another of the books please.. I'm in Hamilton, having just helped my daughter move.. as she's no longer in a halls of residence she can use her crockpot.. her housewarming gift from me last night included Alison and Simon Holst's crockpot book.. and this one you've compiled will add more tried-and-true recipes to her goodies to make.. thanks..

juliewn, Feb 2, 12:31am
ps.. just saw in expired listings that Sky has purchased one, so just clicked buynow on your listing.. thanks.. Jenni will enjoy using the book.. thanks for all the work you did to compile it.. :-)

jtonkin, Feb 2, 3:34am
Thanks for your comments Julie...I get so annoyed being slammed for doing something nice...but I will continue to make them available and get them copied so long as people want them :)Will get yours away tomorrow morning when I am next at the shops for you :)

greerg, Feb 2, 4:31am
Thanks for your efforts jtonkin.Son and his girlfriend have just found my very old crockpot in the garage (tasteful orange brown and beige model) so I will be ordering one too.

elliehen, Feb 2, 8:28am
jtonkin, try to ignore the small minds.It's great that there are still plenty of people who look for the good in others first, without being suspicious of their motives.

skye7, Feb 4, 10:02pm
Thank you for the fantastic resources