One recipe book you would keep if you are moving Page 1 / 2

clair4, Mar 6, 6:39am
and not allowed to take them with you. What is the one you would keep.

patsy3, Mar 6, 6:47am
Jamie Oliver early one with the bread recipes. mmmmm. ohhh can I please slip nigella in my trousers?

clair4, Mar 6, 6:52am
Have not got that one. May have a look if I can find it.

darlingmole, Mar 6, 6:55am
Meals Without Meat - Alison Holst

and the other book that I'd be hard pressed to go without is

One Pot Cooking - Weight Watchers

patsy3, Mar 6, 7:06am
Yeah, I got that Alison Holst one, it's great. Maybe I should put in in with the survival gear that I am supposed to have.

lythande1, Mar 6, 7:22am
My own

cgvl, Mar 6, 7:57am
agree my own or at least my very old imperial edmonds but it would be hard deciding exactly which one

cottagerose, Mar 6, 8:09am
My own and one I have made up from magazine recipes. Oh and another I have made up from these threads

duckmoon, Mar 6, 8:18am
edmonds: I can create most meals, but baking needs a recipe...

mwood, Mar 6, 9:14am
Larousse Gastronomique

vtired, Mar 6, 9:55am
The olde original EDMONDS cook book

elliehen, Mar 6, 10:00am
A tatty bundle of handwritten/typed/printed scraps of paper and clippings held together with a rubber band ;)

winnie231, Mar 6, 10:07am
The Cook’s Companion

alebix, Mar 6, 11:04am
my homemade one...

indy95, Mar 6, 9:31pm
Move without my recipe books ? Never !

cloudberry, Mar 6, 9:34pm
I'm with Winnie, I'd keep my Cook's Companion.

puresteam, Mar 6, 9:34pm
I agree with elliehen mine is the same

bedazzledjewels, Mar 6, 9:44pm
Like Elliehen - I'd grab my own collection!
Or, if I could, our new blog of recipes!

valentino, Mar 7, 3:10am
˙sǝdıɔǝɹ ǝɯ ǝpɐɹʇ ɥʇıʍ ʎןןɐıɔǝdsǝ ɯɯɯɯɥ˙˙˙ɹǝʇndɯoɔ ʞooqǝʇou ɐ

karenz, Mar 7, 4:15am
The good old Australian Womens Weekly cookbook published in 1970.

snapit, Mar 7, 7:10am
My own collection of recipes which have been favourites of the whole family from Nana down and I might try to smuggle the Edmonds cookbook up my sleeve

catlover28, Mar 7, 7:20am

indy95, Mar 7, 10:12pm
Alright, if I really had to, my own collection and maybe Appetite by Nigel Slater or one ( or two ) of Nigella Lawsons because I like her writing. I'm not sure how I'd sneak them out though because of their size.

music_note, Mar 7, 10:24pm
I'd take my own book too - recipes from the past for the future. .

camrob, Mar 7, 10:55pm
My own collection of recipes in a binder with plastic sleeves. Cut out from papers and magazines and typed up handed down ones. There's one for making cottage cheese, bread recipes, muffins, dinners you name it.

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