125g butter - I have Countrysoft Butter in a round

millenium1, Jan 31, 8:22pm
container so no markings for baking. Can anyone please tell me how many tablespoons of butter is in 125g? TIA

lx4000, Jan 31, 8:36pm

cgvl, Jan 31, 10:33pm
so if its the 1kg container you will need an eight of it or about ½ cup at a good guesstimate. I only have the 500g containers so its a ¼ of the container.
Or you could do by Tablespoons and it would be about 5-6

nellbee, Jan 31, 10:40pm
My rule of thumb is 2 tbsp = 25g of butter (from the Edmonds book I think)...

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