Rich Gooey Chocolate Cake

seaspray1, Mar 6, 2:02am
My husband has requested rich gooey chocolate cake - mine are apparently "too light and airy". Any suggestions would be appreciated! !

dollmakernz, Mar 6, 2:54am
Can't go wrong with Mels cake, its absolutely brilliant, very big and moist and best of all, EASY!
Mels Secret Chocolate Cake
2 Cups of water 3 Cups of caster sugar 250gm butter 1/3 Cup cocoa 1 teaspoon of baking soda 3 Cups of self raising flour 4 eggs lightly beaten Combine water, sugar, butter , cocoa, & soda in a large pot. Stir over medium heat without boiling until sugar is dissolved. Simmer for 5 minutes uncovered. Cool for 10 minutes. Mix in flour and eggs and beat til smooth. Pour into a lined roasting dish and bake for 50 minutes at 160c. Check at 40 minutes. Stand for 10 minutes before turning out onto a wire rack.

and this is the icing that I use.
Warm 250ml-300ml cream over a low heat. Remove from heat and break into it 1 cake of either Pams cooking chocolate or Signature range Belguim chocolate. Beat together until smooth & creamy leave to cool and thicken. Place in the middle and on top of the cake.

its really nice and rich!

seaspray1, Mar 6, 4:32am
Thanks - that should make him happy and deal to his arteries! ! I'll report back... . .

dollmakernz, Mar 6, 8:19am
LOL! Be prepared to make it often! it doesn't last very long!

jo2005, Mar 8, 4:21am
Made this cake this weekend. Was great but I used rapadra jaggery sugar(brown sugar but better)and choc cream cheese frosting. Was a major hit. Thanks

pat56, Mar 11, 10:25am
How do you make choc cream cheese frosting.

prawny, Mar 12, 4:19am
Do I have to use a roasting dish, mine are all too big, would a standard cake tin do? ? ?

245sam, Mar 12, 4:30am
prawny, I haven't made Mel's chocolate cake but it obviously makes a very BIG cake - what cake tin size do you mean by a "standard cake tin"? If you mean the same as I'm thinking of, then I suggest that you would most likely need TWO "standard cake tins"- or alternatively maybe you'd be best to halve the recipe. :-))

prawny, Mar 12, 7:25am
Good thinkin, will try it.

kiwi.adventures, Mar 13, 12:22am
I can attest to this recipe, its made the best cake

unknowndisorder, Mar 13, 4:01am
Do put a skewer in to see when it's cooked? (seriously)

Just baking it at the moment, and as it was so liquid, I started thinking I'd just been had.
When you say big pot, you mean ginormous pot. I hopefully haven't stuffed it up, as ended up using biggest bowl I had with the eggs & flour in it. Did notice a tiny bit was still flour (damn, one clump or two), but will make sure my husband has that bit hahahaha

kiwi.adventures, Mar 13, 7:00am
dont over do it, even if its not cooked through in the centre, dont worry, take it out, it will be nice and gooey ad will continune to cook for a while

dollmakernz, Mar 13, 8:20am
Makes a really big cake! And starts off very runny. Its a really lovely rich cake. I've used it a couple of times for wedding cakes too!

unknowndisorder, Mar 13, 8:30am
I've had to try a piece to make sure I hadn't stuffed it up totally. The whole thing just seemed so wrong, including the icing. It has been that sort of week, I guess, so should've just done regular things.

The icing I decided wasn't setting (doh), so added (just a little) icing sugar.

Still not sure I beat the cream long enough, but tastes good & that's the main thing.

Anyone never tried this before, the mixture is runny, but it definitely is worth it (undecided on the icing, as I managed to get it everywhere, but it is yum, just still not really sure I got it right).

Wonder if I'll be allowed to make it again hehe

nzbadger, Mar 13, 9:41pm
I halve the recipe as find it too big

snapit, Mar 13, 9:52pm
I have made this and liked it but used my own basic chocolate icing butter icing sugar cocoa and a bit of hot water.
When doing ganache you need to let it cool a bit so it doesn't run everywhere.
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