Edmonds Coconut Cake..Peanut Cake...

lynan, Jan 24, 3:36am
Does anyone have these recipes from an old book? Done an online search and can find nothing. :(
I know they are both easy, the Peanut cake has no flour. If anyone can help Id be grateful!! TIA.

jessie981, Jan 24, 4:19am
Peanut Cake
3 eggs
3TBSPs boiling water
125gr sugar
500gr minced peanuts
1tsp b/powder
Beat eggs until thick, add boiling water, then sugar, peanuts & b/powder. Line a tin with greaseproof paper& bake approx 3/4hr @ 180. When cold ice with choc icing.

Coconut recipe I have is Coconute Layer Cake & Coconut Dream. Is this either that you want.

kaddiew, Jan 24, 4:20am
Edmonds Peanut Cake
3 eggs; 3tbsp boiling water; 125g sugar; 500g finely minced peanuts; 1tsp baking powder.
Beat eggs till fluffy, gradually beat in boiling water then sugar and beat till thick. Fold in peanuts and baking powder.Greased 23cm/9" tin 180C approx 45mins. Ice with choc icing.

The only coconut cake in the same book is calledCoconut Layer Cake, with a cooked coconut/egg/lemon filling. Is that the one?

kaddiew, Jan 24, 4:20am
Whoops hows that for timing

lynan, Jan 24, 4:28am
Thanks so much to you both. :)
No, the coconut cake did not have a filling at all. Hmmmmm. I will keep poking about and see what I come up with. I can tell you though that the Peanut cake is gorgeous!! Well, as I remember it. ;)

jessie981, Jan 24, 5:01am
Coconut Dream (no filling) Sounds yummy
125gr butter
125gr br sugar
1&1/2c flour
1tsp b/powder
Cream butter & sugar, add siftedflour & b/powder. Press into a flat tin & bake 8mins @ 200
Topping: 2 eggs
1c br sugar
1tsp vanilla essence
1&1/2TBSP flour
1&1/2c coconut
1c chopped nuts
1/2tsp b/powder
Beat eggs, add sugar& rest of ingredients. Pour over mixture & bake slowly until brown 40 -45 mins @ 160

gardie, Jan 24, 8:29am
Has anyone tried the peanut cake - I'd be very interested to know what sort of texture it is.TIA.

jessie981, Jan 24, 9:00am
Sounds more spongey gardie. Hopefully lyan will get back to you.

gardie, Jan 24, 9:19am
But I didn't think peanuts would be spongy rather make it quite a heavy cake.Hmmm I wonder.May have to try it, I don't think peanuts are too expensive and it would be a great gluten free cake (I think).

jessie981, Jan 24, 9:44am
Yes, but peanuts are finely minced so would only be traces of them through the cake.

guest, Sep 20, 12:02am
the old peanut cake is highly recommended to help boast your milk supply when breast feeding.

angelady, Jan 2, 8:37pm
The peanut cake is delicious. I used to make it often many moons ago as a young housewife in NZ. It is not a real heavy cake but lightly chewy if that makes sense. I have given the recipe to many over the years here in Australia as they had never had anything like it. I still have my Edmonds cook book, actually many different editions. My 3 girls also all have copies. :)

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