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motorbo, Jan 10, 5:13am
so i read here that the ones we can easily buy at the supermarket are ewww farmed like that ikcy fish - basa i think, trouble is i love prawns and so good to have them in the freezer for a quick easy meal or snack, so when and maybe where can we get the aussie ones? anyone know please

rainrain1, Jan 10, 5:19am
I'm eating some of those bad boys right now....I'll let you know if I survive

motorbo, Jan 10, 5:22am
haha i know ive eaten them but now i know its like ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

rainrain1, Jan 10, 5:38am
You wouldn't eat anything if you took note of all the no no foodie grumblers :-)

motorbo, Jan 10, 5:49am
i dunno i tend to try and avoid too much processed food

cookessentials, Jan 10, 6:05am
I will be sampling all the different varieties in Cairns from Friday...yum yum. Now, seriously, I did see them in Countdown at New Year, they were the Australian banana prawns. If you have a local wet fish shop, I would ask them or see if there are any seafood places online that you can purchase from.

rainrain1, Jan 10, 6:09am
Just about all the food we eat is fresh home grown, or fresh from the sea....but oh those scrummy prawns, I can't resist them every once in a while

cookessentials, Jan 10, 6:14am is a farmers market in Tauranga and the link above gives you a contact. You could ask if they have them.

cookessentials, Jan 10, 6:19am

motorbo, Jan 10, 7:03am
thanks cookes, our farmers market is pretty basic! lol

uli, Jan 10, 7:40am
As I said before most supermarkets have them until about end of January. I have bought them in woolworths, countdown and New World.

motorbo, Jan 10, 7:51am
i havent been able to find them hence the thread

maori_in_japan, Jan 10, 7:53am
mad butcher had a range of Aussie prawns.not sure if they still do...
I went to my local deli-ca-sea and they found me some

uli, Jan 10, 8:02am
They are not available all year round. So if you want some this summer and can't find them locally then buy them online from here:

They are about the same price as the ones from the supermarket here. About $22 per kg.

lyl_guy, Jan 10, 8:16am
I saw Aussie prawns at the local Pak'n'save today for $35 a kilo.

paddypf, Jan 10, 8:39am
Countdown has them on special this week just under $22 kg

motorbo, Jan 10, 8:44am
my countdown doesnt it only sells the other ones, i will check out pack in save, thanks everyone!! i love having them for a quick healthy soup and when i feel norty i wrap them in soaked rice paper and then fry them!!! crispy delish parcels to have with sweet chilli sauce

fisher, Jan 10, 10:50am
cooky... when ya in port douglas... go to the seafood mart.... best prawns in qnsl.... used to bring them off the boats at the wharf...Take some baskets off and cook em on the spot.....cant get more fresh than that... check out the wharf..(ask about) but dont think they do it anymore so have to get at local seafood mart...

callie2000, Jan 10, 11:13am
what are the different types called, eg the farmed ones you said eww

cookessentials, Jan 10, 6:12pm
Morning Mr Fisher, I will be sure to. DH has an internal "radar" for anything to doo with prawns LOL, a bit like my mango radar. Have you tried any of those smoking recipes yet?

herself, Jan 11, 3:24am
Countdown Bayfair has the Aussie Banana prawns on special in the deli today.$21.99kg.I had to buy some!:-)

davidt4, Jan 11, 3:47am
Countdown in Grey Lynn has them too but I couldn't find a soul to serve me this morning.After ringing the bell three times I gave up, along with another customer.

uli, Jan 17, 5:17am
The countdown special is gone now - lovely lovely ones they were too :)

But you can buy at new World at present for $25 a kilo - wild caught Australian Mooloolaba prawns.

They also have NZ Gurnard fillets on special for $23 - so have a seafood night - and don't forget to make davidt4's lovely mayo to go with it all.

Good luck - and enjoy!

motorbo, Jan 17, 7:13am
cheers Uli, i saw that on the weekend pamphlet am gonna go tommorrow had to get home to make a birthday cake tonight. i had calamari tonight, got 6 for 6 bucks, please tell me they are kiwi caught lol

uli, Jan 17, 10:38pm
No idea - did you ask?