Homemade bolognaise

shrug, Mar 4, 4:14am
Ok so I just made my first ever homemade bolognaise sauce. Im sure im missing something out tho, i fried garlic and onion, added mince, browned it, added tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum, zuchinni (sp), scallopini ( i think thats what they are called, look like flying saucers), fresh oregano, fesh basil and fresh tyhme with a pinch of sugar. Is there anything else I should add? ? Tia

winnie231, Mar 4, 4:42am
Wine, salt&pepper, nutmeg ... and simmer for a couple of hours - a good bolognese needs long cooking.

shrug, Mar 4, 5:22am
thanks winnie. I simmered it just over an hour, was very nice, but next time will add wine and nutmeg, thanks

margyr, Mar 4, 5:47am
all of what you added but i would also put in a little tomato sauce and a sachet of tomato cup a soup. also some salt and pepper.

kirinesha, Mar 4, 7:12am
I'd add tomato paste rather than tomato cup a soup or tomato sauce for a more authentic result.

margyr, Mar 4, 7:44pm
maybe more authentic but it is much nicer with what i suggested, have made it for chefs/friends who are amazed when told what my secret ingredients are, both my sons make it this way as well and it is always a hit with their friends and flatties.

kcak, Mar 4, 8:51pm
I made some last night too and it was very nice - even I say so myself! I use, onion, garlic, mince, beef stock powder, salt, fresh pepper, dry basil & oregano, 500 gms fresh tomatoes (skinned), slosh red wine, sugar, tomato paste and simmer for about an hour. Just before serving, I add plenty of chopped fresh basil. If you add fresh basil during the cooking, you lose all the flavour - hence dried herbs while it simmers.

ddd10, Mar 4, 8:53pm
#1 I buy cask red wine for cooking & it makes such a huge difference to add some to your tomato based Italian dishes.

shrug, Mar 5, 1:22am
Thanks everybody I will keep them all in mind for next time. I dunno what this stackofrecipes is, but Im not going to look! ! ! !

meron, Mar 5, 1:38am
Olive oil, onion, heaps of garlic, grated carrot, oregano, tinned tomatoes, tomato paste, red wine, mince. sugar, lemon zest, s&p, reduce, sauces to taste

shrug, Mar 25, 1:08am
i had to go have a look and OMG its got the same message board and everything! ! ! ! I cant believe she has done that! ! !

st_allie, Mar 25, 1:14am
Bay leaves

abbey_magick, Mar 25, 2:14am
Italians will tell you a proper bol sauce has milk in it.

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