Help please a soup recipe....

ani4abuy, Mar 4, 1:32am
I am catering for a 50th b'day dinner later in the year. I intend to serve soup & rolls, entrees and a buffet dinner. Im going to make a seafood chowder and put it in the slowcooker to keep hot on the night. I need another soup that is easy to make and will freeze well as an alternative. The entrees will be chili-garlic mussels, shrimp cocktails and crumbed chicken tenders. TYIA.

pericles, Mar 4, 1:42am
maybe a vegie soup.
I also think 3 seafood dishes is a bit too much

ani4abuy, Mar 4, 1:46am
Thanks pericles. I agree about the glut of seafood but its what the birthday girl wants. The main dinner is ham, beef & lamb, butter chicken, veg chow mein & ss pork and assorted veggies.

elliehen, Mar 4, 1:49am
Kumara Soup

4 Tbs (75g) butter
2 cloves garlic
1 tsp grated ginger (from frozen ginger root)
1/2 to 1 tsp curry powder
Toss in 500g peeled and chopped kumara
Cook 1-2 mins and don't brown
Add 1 cup vegetable stock
Cook covered 10 mins until tender
Drain and reserve liquid, puree solids & then combine
Thin with approx 3 cups milk
Garnish with 1/4 cup cream and chopped spring onions

This is simple but tasty, and you could could freeze it at the cooked stage before the milk and cream additions.

ani4abuy, Mar 4, 1:50am
ty ellie sounds yum!

pericles, Mar 4, 1:51am
Sorry, that menu is more balanced now

korbo, Mar 4, 2:18am
good ole pumpkin soup. . with lots of sour cream and parsly

cgvl, Mar 4, 2:38am
agree with korbo. Pumpkin soup is great just don't be tempted to spice it up too much though but that may depend on the age group of the people.

purplegoanna, Mar 4, 9:28pm
ive got a mean recipe for roast pumpkin & garlic soup, its a tm winner every winter. Roast Pumpkin & Garlic Soup
I use a whole lge white skinned ‘Crown or Grey pumpkins’, cut into wedges, peel skin, deseeded then half again, roast in olive oil with 1-2 lge garlic bulbs, broken into cloves and peeled. Separately dice & fry 5-6 rashers of bacon in a large saucepan. After bacon is browned add pumpkin pieces & garlic. Use a stick blender to blend into a smooth mix, adding enough chicken stock while blending until you get a nice thick soup consistency, then add, salt, pepper & 1tsp curry powder to taste. Reheat on low heat slowly and serve with grilled cheese toast. To impress guests add a dollop of sour cream just before serving, use a toothpick and draw lines from sour cream out into soup, then serve. Or add 1/2c of coconut cream for extra richness.

crsdbl, Mar 4, 9:55pm
oooh thats just like my recipe, only i use kumara too. the bacon and curry powder certainly make the soup something special dont they. mmmm pumpkin soup.

purplegoanna, Mar 4, 9:59pm
crsdbl you have to have the curry powder and bacon other wise it just dosnt have that HIT it needs. + the garlic being roasted caramalizes the flavours... . . mm i feel like some now. .

crsdbl, Mar 4, 10:03pm

susieq9, Mar 5, 2:58am
A good tomato soup would go down well with all that. Plus, tomatoes are cheap at the moment or perhaps you have them in your garden.

martine5, Mar 5, 10:14am
My new all time fav is roasted capsicum and tomato. It has been quite a hit and it is one step beyound my mums fantastic tomato sop. I just love it. The recipe says to serve with garlic and feta toasts and I bet they would also go down a treat. Although I am pretty fond of goats cheese

karenz, Mar 6, 2:55am
My favourite is to boil a smoked hamhock until tender, strain, remove the fat and allow the hamhock to cool. Then lightly cook onion, garlic, diced carrots and celery in olive oil, put the stock back in and add red lentils, when these are cooked add the shredded meat from the hamhock. I also add a tin of crushed tomatoes but these are optional. You will not need salt but you may add complimentary herbs such as oregano and/or basil and pepper.

michelle2249, Mar 6, 4:31am
pumpkin soup with a little chopped watercress - yum! !

waswoods, Mar 6, 8:19am
PG's pumpkin soup is just the best! !

purplegoanna, Jan 14, 10:01pm
good aye i want to work out another recipe this winter i want to make a roast tomato & capsicum soup

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