Help with Relish please?

jan2242, Mar 3, 10:06pm
Can anyone please help? I am wanting to make some relish, pickle etc and can't locate celery seeds or pickling spice in our town. Can anyone help with a substitute for these? ? ? Thanks in advance.

luckyduck, Mar 3, 10:59pm
I couldn't find celery seeds either so I left them out. As for the spices, I guess you could just use a small amount of peppercorns, allspice, broken up cinnamon sticks, cloves, mace, mustard seeds or what ever you have in store, wrapped in a small muslin bag.

jan2242, Mar 3, 11:26pm
Many thanks, will try that.

ninascraft, Mar 4, 12:00am
Could also replace celery seeds with the real item. Especially the green leaves where the most flavour is. Put them in a bag if you dont want them in the relish. Otherwise use the stalks but cut finely. I have done this when in a flap. If you dont want the rest of the celery, chunk it up and put in a plastic bag and throw in freezer. Put into winter soups I do this with all sorts of veges.

korbo, Sep 28, 7:10am
my recipe just has curry powder and mustard.
I dont think it will matter if you dont have the celery seeds.

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