Whitakers chocolate

bootsnall1, Dec 16, 7:59am
who uses this brand for dipping truffles, also what type of chocolate do you use?? (muffen)

auntlb, Dec 16, 8:30am
I do - I use the dark for peppermint truffles and the white and milk for a range of different flavours

elliehen, Dec 16, 8:48am
I use Dark Ghana, because truffle fillings are usually so sweet, the dark chocolate counters the sugar.It also stays firm.

greerg, Dec 18, 1:32am
I prefer Dark ghana but m family all have different preferences sousually do a mixture with Dark Ghana, Milk and White - all Whittakers.Themixture looks good in bowls or in a box as a gift.

bedazzledjewels, Dec 18, 1:37am
I use Lindt or Green & Blacks 70% or 85% - bit pricier unless you look for it on special.

wildflower, Dec 18, 3:18am
I use Whittakers Madagasca for everything, tis lovely.

sleyle, Dec 18, 8:39am
Does the Whittakers chocolate melt ok in the microwave?

sleyle, Dec 18, 8:46pm
Bump - anyone?

olwen, Dec 18, 8:50pm
I think the OP should learn to spell.I have a battle with the spelling on my partner's behalf.He is also a Whittaker.Nice chocolate too.If I was making anything I'd use it

greerg, Dec 18, 10:39pm
Yes it melts very well - just melt until there still a few lumps than stir to remove these.That prevents overheating which will ruin the consistency.

bootsnall1, Dec 18, 11:04pm
Oh sorry about the spelling!! (muffen)

dna187, Dec 18, 11:06pm
hi ladies, so instead of buying the expensive choc drops etc, you just buy the whittakers and melt over a bowl of water the same. Im going to make some truffles, actually got to make a few, for xmas hampers, so just good old plain whittakers?

rosathemad, Dec 18, 11:51pm
That's right - just break it into squares first and off you go. :-)

cgvl, Dec 19, 12:14am
melts fine in the microwave too

dna187, Dec 19, 12:16am
brillant, thankyou you wise ladies, lol.
recipe thread is fantastic, no grumpies, lovely. lol

wildflower, Dec 19, 2:57am
All your 'melting' chocolate is compound anyway, I try to avoid that, mostly oil and sugar, yucky.

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