Meat Ball sauce

sanshae, Dec 13, 12:06am
What is a quick and easy sauce to pour over mest balls....

fifie, Dec 13, 12:35am
I like to make a roasted tomato one and freeze for meatballs, however that takes time. Quick and easy cook a diced onion till soft in a splash of oil with knob of butter add some chopped garlic, cook few mins, add some chilli or diced pepper if you like it hot, open 1-2 tins of tomatoes throw in the pan stir well to break down tomatoes season with salt and pepper heat through till hot and pour over meatballs.

sanshae, Dec 13, 3:20am

margyr, Dec 13, 3:30am
half a teaspoon of sugar as well. I also put paprika, some tomato sauce and a sachet of tomato cup a soup.

supercook, Dec 13, 4:13am
Tin of chopped/whole tomatoes and tomato paste simmer together add mixed herbs if wished.

myfriendrock, Dec 13, 4:14am
Crushed tomatoes (or something like that) garlic onion spices, yummy!

sanshae, Dec 13, 10:22am
Thanks I have made a note of what you have told me.I made the one you said supercook and added black sauce as well it was nice.

evorotorua, Oct 25, 1:01am
I made a really easy one last night. My family don't like onions so I am a bit restricted it that sense. I cooked the little meatballs, took them out of the pan and added tomato paste, a tin of tomatoes and then simmered it for a while, added chopped fresh spinach and the meatballs. It looked like Christmas in the pan and was very tasty.