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bjovi1, Mar 2, 12:58am
Have just been given a big bag of rhubarb out of a friends garden but have no idea how to cook it or how much sugar to put in with it... . Please help! !

harrislucinda, Mar 2, 1:21am
washandcutupinto cubesaddverylittlewaterandsugaristoyourtastecookslowlyuntil tender

cookessentials, Mar 2, 1:25am
Stewed rhubarb is lovely. I also have a beautiful recuipe for a rhubarb and orange dessert which has the sponge topping, it is really tasty. I have also just made a rhubarb chutney which was also fairly easy to make.

tuscany9, Mar 2, 1:28am
Can cook in microwave. Use medium power. About 8-10 stalks chopped, little sugar, little water. Takes about 3 - 4 minutes. Stir halfway as it cooks around the outside first. Very fast and not too mushy.

fruitluva2, Mar 2, 1:46am
I want to post a rhubarb cheesecake in the other thread but not now with the blasted stack of recipes tart thieving these/them. Grrrr

margyr, Mar 2, 3:47am
also to remove that tart, furry feeling it sometimes has, when chopped pour boiling water over it and leave for a few minutes, drain and then i just put sugar and a tiny bit of water in the pot. Love it.

245sam, Mar 2, 3:56am
bjovi1, have a look at:-

http://trademecooks.net.nz/viewtopic. php? f=30&t=83

You'll find various rhubarb recipes there PLUS a hint that, if you follow it, will mean that you need less sugar particularly when stewing rhubarb. :-))

martine5, Mar 2, 3:58am
Hi cookessentials, omg that dessert with the sponge topping sounds wonderful, I've searched under your membership name but can't see it posted, would you mind posting it or steering me in the right direction to find it - my partner will be over the moon he looooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-
veeeeeeeeeeeesssssssss rhubarb! !

cookessentials, Mar 2, 4:08am
I have the recipe at home, so I shall post it when I get home. The rhubarb and orange combination is really really delicious.
I did have to laugh at the posts above when fruitluva called the stacksofrecipes bird a tart and then directly below was something on how to remove that tart... ... . thought you were talking about her for a minute margyr LOL.

bjovi1, Mar 2, 4:34am
Thanks everyone for your help. Am looking forward to kids going to bed 2nite, am going to stew rhubarb and have some with weetbix and cream! The rest will be apple and rhubarb crumble for pubbing 2moro night... .

cookessentials, Mar 2, 5:18am
1 bunch rhubarb, trimmed and chopped. 1/4 cup firmly packed brownn sugar; 2 tsp grated orange rind; 3 tbsp warmed honey; 60g butter; 1/4 cup caster sugar; 1 egg, lightly beaten; 3/4 cup self raising flour; 1/3 cup milk.
Place rhubarb in buttered ovenproof dish, sprinkle with the brown sugar and half the orange rind and pour over warmed honey. Cream butter with remaining orange rind and caster sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in egg, then fold in sifted flour alternatively with the milk. Bake in a pre-heated modeerately hot oven (190C) for about 40 minutes or until golden. Serve hot with custard or cream. I serve it with a good vanilla bean ice-cream.

cookessentials, Mar 3, 5:43am
Bumping up for martine5

venna2, Mar 3, 5:47am
I like to use honey rather than sugar.

I like it stewed with my morning muesli. You can also make rhubarb crumble, and add stewed apples etc if you like. I think today's Dominion Post has recipes.

softlysoftly8, Mar 3, 7:11am
If you have space in your freezer it is also excellent just washed and cut in lengths, bagged up and frozen for later use. Free flow it and any amount can be taken out at any one time to cook. Excellent. No blanching needed.

softlysoftly8, Mar 3, 7:12am
Another thing... ... ... ... addsugar after cooking but while still hot. It takes less sugar that way.

cookessentials, Mar 3, 7:25am
Do try the baked rhubarb and orange sponge, it really is lovely, especially with the vanilla bean ice-cream - Kapati is a nice one of you dont make your own.

martine5, Mar 3, 8:17am
Thanks cookessentials very kind of you indeed and luckily i have some vanilla bean kapiti ice cream in the freezer

cookessentials, Mar 3, 8:22am
Well, you WILL be in for a treat then!

elliehen, Mar 3, 8:28am
Language in Recipes comes alive with double meanings - first 'tart' and now 'poach' ;)

mac934, Mar 3, 8:36am
I always peel my rhubarb, are you supposed to?

ferrit47, Mar 6, 10:12pm
Washas saidCut up thinly and add little bit water and add Little bit Ginger and Sugar. If you have any apples slice them up too and mix in with Rhubarb.

fruitluva2, Mar 6, 11:52pm
Well you need a stack of sofia tart to poach it, would that be correct?

martine5, Mar 16, 8:20am
Made it about a week ago and have just bought lots more rhubarb to make again. The smell as it came out of the oven was simply magnificent and the sponge was just the right density and texture and the smell of the orange vestthrough the base and sponge was amazing. It was simply stunning, thanks so much. I've checked out your listing and they are so cool as well you are obviously an obsoute foodie. Thanks again. You rock

fruitluva2, Mar 16, 8:22am
She is one of our top and fave cooks with great recipes.

cookessentials, Mar 16, 8:55am
Hi martine5 I am so glad you tried it - it really is such a lovely dessert. Did you try it with the Kapati vanilla bean ice-cream? as it is a nice combination. Thanks so much for your kind words and thanks also to fruitluva as well, If you have not joined trademecooks on facebook, you should. I have, as have somme others. There is a thread here sonmewhere with the link.

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