Freezing xmas mince tarts

vaidas, Dec 6, 8:10pm
Can anyone tell me if I make xmas mince tarts with store bought frozen short crust pastry, and then cook them, can the tarts then be frozen?

Many thanks in advance

kiwitrish, Dec 6, 8:26pm
Yes.I have 4 doz in the freezer.Always make them a few weeks in advance.They taste exactly the same. Saves all the messing about at Christmas.

maryteatowel1, Dec 6, 8:46pm
...just a thought......i made up 5 kg's of sweet short pastry two weeks ago...rolled it all and cut out tops and flowed them in the freezer then made up bags of 12 each and put them back into the i can take out a bottom and a top bag...put the bottoms on the patty tins and wait a whole 5 mins for them to defrost...add the fruit mince...put the tops on...wait for the oven to heat up and cook for 15 so so easy!!!...i made my fruit mince about a month ago...a 5 kg bucket full (i get a 5kg bag of mixed fruit at gilmours for as) we can have fresh mince pies EVERY day!!! freezer is not big enough for made up pies AND everything else...

arden22, Dec 6, 9:12pm
Gosh! You are truly well organised. Why don't I think of things like that?

bappy, Dec 6, 9:38pm

That is a wonderful idea.What do you mean by "free flowed in the freezer"?

maryteatowel1, Dec 6, 9:47pm
...i put all the tops and bottoms on baking paper on a sheet...and pop it into the freezer for 20 mins or until they are can do layers of baking paper or gladwrap...then bag them up...they come away really easy then when they are still frozen...

bappy, Dec 6, 11:24pm
Thanks Maryteatowel1.That is such a handy tip.

juliewn, Dec 7, 3:21pm
Wow.. that's an awesome idea Maryteatowel.. thanks for posting it..

I can see it being very popular here.. especially as the tops and bottoms can also be used to make little apple/apricot/plum/rhubarb/etc-
.. tarts in the same way as making Mince Tarts..

Thanks :-)

cookessentials, Dec 7, 6:04pm
Absolutley. In fact, they freeze beautifully and taste better as they never freeze hard. Mum used to freeze hers,but we all figured out how nice they were straight from the freezer anyway and she used to wonder why they kept disappearing.

maryteatowel1, Oct 5, 10:09am
....yep....most of my pastry i pre-roll and freeze....i have issues with space in my freezer...(can you hear me santa???)...i have big bottoms and tops of short pastry as well for savoury pies...making a double batch is not hard...and freezing what you dont need is good for the pastry and good for saving time...