How do you store block cheese??

tjma, Nov 29, 5:05am
I have a lot of trouble with it going moldy.

chrisynz, Nov 29, 5:13am
in a plastic container..with a lid on it, in the fridge

rainrain1, Nov 29, 5:16am
I don't think there is a good way apart from grating and freezing, nothing I do seems to work anyway

vintagekitty, Nov 29, 5:19am
in a plastic container, when I put it away, then they all end up jumbled and half unwrapped on the side shelves. But cheese doesnt have a chance to go mouldy here!, we go through a kilo block plus smaller types of cheese each week.

elliehen, Nov 29, 5:54am
You can freeze the block whole if you like.It will not slice well, but will crumble and grate after it defrosts.

noonesgirl, Nov 29, 6:00am
Tuck the end over, use one of the plastic covers & secure with a bband. Never goes mouldy. Another way is to cover the end with tinfoil.
Mould is usually caused from moisture on hands when it's held onto.

eastie3, Nov 29, 6:05am
I cut the block into four pieces and freeze three.The other I wrap in gladwrap press n seal and keep in the chiller section of my fridge.

rainrain1, Nov 29, 6:13am
Only thing is when you freeze it in block form, it crumbles on delivery after thawing...better to grate and freeze

1126, Nov 29, 6:17am
I find the main thing is not to touch the cheese with your hands, I leave the wrap on , then fold the end over and put in plastic bag away from air.

charlieb2, Nov 29, 6:19am
I leave it in its wrapper, but once opened I put it in a freezer bag and make sure the end is always wrapped securely around it.

Agree with 1126... not letting your hands touch it helps...

smileeah, Nov 29, 6:29am
charlieb2 wrote:
I leave it in its wrapper, but once opened I put it in a freezer bag and make sure the end is always wrapped securely around it.

I do this too and never have a problem. Or I reuse a fruit and vege bag from the supermarket.
Our cheese never lasts longer than 2 weeks though so not sure how this method would work longer term.

nfh1, Nov 29, 7:40am
I wrap in grease proof paper then in a plastic container.Someone told me not to wrap in cling film as it makes it sweat and go mouldy.Our cheese lasts ages, we don't eat very much.

bigboy01, Nov 29, 8:12am
I have a cheese bag, which I got from one of the Christmas stalls that they have in the malls.It really does work, I am on the look out for another one as mine is getting abit faded from the wash.About $10 about 4 years ago.

crails, Nov 29, 8:46am
In a Tupperware Container never goes mouldy in that

nik12, Nov 29, 11:33am
I also wrap the top up then put it in a plastic bag, trying to get as much air out as possible.I've never had moldy cheese - but then again, it doesn't really last all that long lol.It's more that sort of 'dried out edges' that I'm avoiding.

dragonzflame, Nov 29, 9:46pm
We keep its wrapping, fold it over the end of the cheese, and store it in one of those fruit and vege bags. Not that it really has a chance to go mouldy in this house, but it does stop the dry and cracked end.

cookessentials, Nov 29, 10:01pm
$5.95 FOR THE CALICO CHEESE BAGS. all you do is put your cheese into the bag in its original covering, with one end open. Works really well.

lulu239, Nov 29, 10:16pm
I made calico cheese bags (I swear by them) and sold them for $2 each (!) at our fair. They had a picture of a wedge of cheese on them.

lizab, Nov 29, 10:19pm
Keep in the plastic wrapper, fold it over the open end and wrap the lot tightly in glad wrap.

cookessentials, Nov 30, 1:06am
There is someone from Marton that sells them on TM as well.

badarzz, Nov 30, 2:33am
Stays fresh for a long time if after use it is left in wrapper then put in a plastic bag, I use an old bread bag. Wrap so there is no air in bag.I never have mouldy cheese.

cottagerose, Nov 30, 2:46am
Me too. The proper tupperware container for cheese

cookessentials, Nov 30, 2:51am
Tupperware is too expensive.

ferrit47, Sep 16, 11:47pm
My wife brought a Cheese Bag and keeps fine & in Fridge too.