Cream puffs

chevvette, Nov 27, 3:46am
trying to make cream puffs but dont seem to be drying out on the inside and still a bit this how they are supposed to be?

harrislucinda, Nov 27, 4:29am

fugazi71, Nov 27, 7:57am
After you take them out of the oven prick a small hole in each one. This releases the steam from them and should allow them to crisp up. I think if you don't prick them the hot air stays inside them and makes them a bit moist and soft.

cookessentials, Nov 27, 8:28am
Yes, that's right. Poke a small hole in each and return to the warm oven to dry out.

flower-child01, Sep 13, 9:59pm
x1 for the recipe & instructions, and works. I made profiteroles filled with creme patisserie for my daughters birthday on Friday,they went down very well. Oooh just remembered, there are some still in the tin, mmm I might make some more custard up and fill them. Yum.