What cooking book do you want in your stocking

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rainbowpride, Nov 27, 1:57am
Hey guys I am telling my wife I want a cook book for christmas and I took her to Whitcouls today and she got flustered and to tell you the truth so did I there are so many to choose from that look great so what is your favourite cookbook or what cookbook do you want under the tree this year??

cgvl, Nov 27, 2:08am
I got given recently a New Aunt Daisy cookbook, all in metric, from the original imperial.
Would love one of the Joe Seagar ones that I haven't got or maybe the Annabel one from TV program..
So many to choose from its hard to decide lol

davidt4, Nov 27, 2:20am
If you don't already have it, Stephanie Alexander's The Cook's Companion" is really wonderful and endlessly useful, with everything from basic techniques to adventurous modern food.

What I want in my stocking is Nigel Slater's "Tender II", his new fruit book.

lilyfield, Nov 27, 2:24am
none- I have google

madison15, Nov 27, 2:45am
I have got my husband Annabel and jo

winnie231, Nov 27, 4:52am
Annabel would do it for me. Love the format of her cookbooks & enjoying her current TV programme too.

pogram0, Nov 27, 6:54am
I could happily walk out with about 20 cook books from Whitcoulls.There are just so many seductive ones around at the moment.

falcon-hell, Nov 27, 6:58am
the new jo seagar book is well worth buying,i got it for $35 from the warehouse.

jag5, Nov 27, 7:10am
I have Jo, Jamie, Hugh, Alison (Red one is the best)........I have hundres of cook books, literally.....but I would like Annabel this year thank you very much LOL

valentino, Nov 27, 7:13am
Dan Lepard's " The Handmade Loaf " is worthy of a special gift, especilly if one needed to widen one's own horizon re breadmaking.

Check out his website www.danlepard.com


emmapear, Nov 27, 7:49am
Nigella Lawson "Kitchen"

jack47, Nov 27, 7:58am
I would love the Annabel Langbein book related to her current TV series, love they way she uses the fresh garden items and I have so far managed to write down most of the recipes. Honestly can you ever have enough cookbooks!
PS Nigellas Christmas is pretty neat too.

korbo, Nov 27, 8:17am
what warehouse had jo seager

cookessentials, Nov 27, 8:27am
I have a shopful, so there is nothing I need right now.

liamjosh, Nov 27, 8:32am
I would go for the Annabel Langbein "The free range cook".... so many of the recipes she does on TV at the moment looks so easy and delicious.

sandra25, Nov 27, 8:34am
Me too. But I love Martin Bosley, Saraban & Quay.

falcon-hell, Nov 27, 9:26am
i'd say they all have it,however i got mine in greymouth.

southerngurl, Nov 27, 9:35am
I want Annabelle and Speights, and possibly also Jo and Nigella ohhh and Jamie

weebub, Nov 27, 9:53am
Can't go past a good old Edmonds cookbook in my opinion.

ribzuba, Nov 27, 10:33am
i want the bouchon bakery! i love thomas keller!

bigboy01, Nov 27, 12:10pm
Annabels book is great........I couldn't wait for Christmas so I treated myself. :-}Borders bookshop is great for books, a great selection and good prices.

a_n_h, Nov 27, 7:25pm
i have asked my grandma for a edmonds cookbook. my current one is missing heaps of pages and falling apart.

would also love anything by the Holsts or a nice cupcake & cake book. or cookie book.

motorbo, Nov 27, 7:46pm
i guess it depends what sort of food and cooking interests you, i got my son a vegetarian cookbook called eat, by a young irishguy great cookbook!!

circularboy, Nov 27, 8:14pm
Anabelle's book is on Fly Buys for 275 points so that is my book done for the year.

kimmy810, Nov 27, 11:34pm
i started collecting cookbooks about 10 years ago.Ihave the Austrailian womans weekly books and family circle.I have about 70 cook books and I also have maybe 30 mags....oh and as i like cake decorating I have about 20 of those.. I cant stop it is an addiction always wanting more and as Im 34 years old have many more years to collect!