Baileys irish cream recipe.

picksta, Oct 8, 8:51pm
any genuinely good recipes for the old baileys around , have tried some years ago that tasted pretty cack, anyone got a sure winner? ?

daphnep, Oct 9, 1:46am
What do you mean ? Ways to make Irish Cream or ways to use it from the bottle?

debris1, Oct 9, 1:52am
This ones a goodie! ! 1 Cup Whiskey, 1 tin condensed milk, 3 eggs, 1 teaspoon coconut essence, 1 tsp chocolate essence, 1 tsp coffee essence and 300ml cream.
Beat all ingredients together until mixed chill and serve with ice.

kenno, Oct 9, 3:24am
Use vodka as a base (no taste and cheap) and buy essence from a home brew shop. Use VHT cream, and this will keep, that is if you don't drink it too fast ! !

kerry92, Oct 9, 5:43am
this ones great , 2 tins of condensed milk , 1 and a half cups of whiskey , 600mls of cream , 2 tablespoons of vanilla essence , 2 desert spoons of coffee disolved in 1 tablespoon of water , beat all ingredients together until mixed chill and serve with ice or over vanilla ice cream

itsmineah, Oct 9, 11:24pm
I am wondering how long the baileys will last.
Could I make it now and keep it in the fridge until christmas? ( And somehow not drink it it would last longer thenlol)

janny3, Oct 10, 10:51am
Thanks for starting this thread. I mis-laid my old recipes & would love the recipe like the one an uncle used to make. His Irish Cream was made w/ a pack of French vanilla icecream as well as the raw eggs, coffee, coconut essence, chocolate essence. I think it kept for ages un-opened & about 2 weeks on the fridge once opened.

245sam, Oct 10, 10:57am
janny3, I found this recipe recently whilst sorting through some old magazine pages and cuttings - it appears to be similar to your Uncle's recipe but it doesn't have any eggs. Here's the recipe for you to see what you think... . . IRISH CREAM LIQUEUR -
¾ cup whisky
½ cup sweetened condensed milk
1 cup milk
½ litre vanilla ice cream
2 tsp powdered instant coffee
¼ tsp vanillaorcoconut essence
In a bowl, jug or blender combine the whisky, sweetened condensed milk, milk, icecream, powdered instant coffee and essence. Beat with an egg beater or blend in the blender. Keep in the refrigerator.
Makes 4 cups. :-))

janny3, Oct 12, 1:48pm
245sam... I am looking forward to this one. Gonna try it w/ eggs as well. THANKS!

mousetrapp, Nov 1, 12:42am
Does anyone know how long the one with eggs will last in the fridge?

stormbaby, Nov 1, 1:05am
I used to make it for Bailey's parties as a tupperware lady years ago. Personally I wouldn't keep anything made with raw egg more than a few days in the fridge. Its so yummy though, there is no hope in hell of keeping it longer anyway. It was a trick of mine to get the orders off the lady's and then leave them to it!

rokness, Nov 1, 2:23am
When i make it i dont add egg. Is it any better with it?

mako484, Mar 1, 1:56am
ULTIMATE BAILEYS RECIPIE! ! Made this for several xmas prezzies with mass rave reviews. Extremely close in flavour to the commercial one, just better.

1 cup cream
1 tin sweetened condensed milk
1 2\3 cup Jamison Irish Whiskey (no substitutes)
1 1\2 tablespn hershey chocolate syrup
2 teaspn vanilla extract (real not imitation)
1\2 teaspn almond extract
1 tablespn coconut cream (no substitutes)

Combine all ingredients in a blender, blend until smooth. Keep in a tightly sealed container & refrigerate for 24 hours before consuming.


daleaway, Mar 1, 2:10am
My recipe was just like debris's recipe (#2) except mine had a titch more whisky and no coffee essence.
I don't think there is any coffee in Bailey's anyway, as I am sensitive to coffee and would have noticed if there were...
Much depends on the quality of your chocolate essence. I used Rawleigh's and that was fine.

dollmakernz, Sep 24, 6:04pm
This is soooo nice! I store in a milk bottle so its easy to shake up before you serve it. Makes it light and fluffy like milk shake! (Its lethal and doesn't stay in the fridge long enough to worry about how long it will keep! )

Giggle Juice

250ml whiskey, 250ml cream, 250mls condensed milk, 1Tbsp cocoa, 3-4 drops almond essence, 3 eggs. Mix altogether in a blender and store in the fridge. I actually find this a bit strong so usually add a bit more condensed milk and cream!

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