How hard is it to pipe icing onto a kids cake?

deejayrobbied, Feb 28, 11:45pm
i can get a cake tin of bob the builder for my sons birthday next month... everyone is telling me its so easy. but where do I start. is there a good book out there that tells me how to pipe the icing and how to make it :)

missmalice, Mar 1, 12:06am
Go to sites like eHow and Youtube - they usually have helpful videos :)

deejayrobbied, Mar 1, 12:44am
thanks, I have some idea from Youtube but still don't know how to get the picture onto the cake :)

cap, Mar 1, 12:58am
I've never tried one of those cakes but my friend does them all the time for her kids and says it is really easy. I bought one of those Tupperware piping things and I must say it makes piping so much easier than using a bag and they way you hold it your hand is very steady.

maandpa2b, Mar 1, 1:21am
It's actually quite tricky. You need to get the icing the right consistancy, know how to write and draw really well, and have stacks of different colours. You may want to consider getting an Icing topper to go on the cake (with a picture of Bob) on it. or you can get icing pre-made from Countdown. It comes in tubes that will squeeze as you draw.

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