Cooking for 13 , 5 adults, 8 kids. Thurs nite,

patsy3, Apr 19, 9:16am
easy ideas please. What would you do? Bit cold to do a BBQ.Dessert being supplied. 2 hours max in the kitchen, What's your ideas. (can't do roast chook, as that's Weds)

lindylambchops1, Apr 19, 9:27am
Huge Curry & Rice!Always tastes better if made the day before.Have a great night!

patsy3, Apr 19, 9:29am
Ohh, yeah the kids would eat butter chicken. Great idea. Working during the day, and 'tis family, so will be low key.

cgvl, Apr 19, 9:37am
what about a casserole, could do it in the crockpot/slow cooker.
I have an easy one that will serve heaps. was my Grandmothers.
1kg Stewing beef or rump steak or neck chops (allow 2-3 per adult)
onion chopped
2Tbsps of each: vinegar, tomato sauce, sugar, flour
1tsp each of mustard powder and curry powder
salt and pepper to taste
1½ -2cups water.
cook in oven approx 2 hours.

or meat loaf and if any left over can have it cold.

patsy3, Apr 19, 9:48am
Now that's an idea. Slow cooker. Sorry, not a big casserole family. But the kids would inhale a good boiled mince, and a potato bake. Off to google now....

korbo, Apr 19, 9:49am
huge pot of curried sausages. with mashed spuds, peas and carrotts.
I would have said chicken legs with colslaw and chips(someone buy them on way to your place), but you say you are having chicken on wed.
I used to do that for my children when they had parties or sleepovers. found most people love chicken legs, or chicken nibbles.

korbo, Apr 19, 9:50am
or maybe a big fish pie, with mashed potato and cheese on top.

patsy3, Apr 19, 10:07am
I get ya Korbo. Sister said "what can I bring that, I can buy?" I said pudding! I would have done chicken and chips too, but they are all at Nana's and having the chook tomorrow. Was thinking a couple of huge lasagna's but to be honest that requires a bit more work. Am putting in serious hours at work at the mo. And will work half day, Thurs, so want to have a cruisey day catching up with family.

jaybee2003, Apr 19, 12:15pm
Alison Holsts Oakhill Potatoes always goes down well with a crowd including children, prepare the day before and reheat. Same with golden sausages, or even plain old fashioned grilled sausages with a yummy [Maggi packet] sauce/gravy to pour over. Easy peasy filling family comfort food, served with beans or peas. Sometimes the old simple favourites are just the ticket and quality time catching up takes the forefront. Enjoy your evening!

punkinthefirst, Apr 19, 12:22pm
Lasagne COULD be made Wednesday night and cooked off Thursday. Serve with a salad and crusty bread. Delish!!

nzl99, Apr 19, 8:04pm
Swap you... we have 30 on Friday, 20 on Sat and about 10-15 on Sun... *twitches*

Any casserole, lasagne, potatoe, pasta dish that can cook slowly for several hours in the ove, that doesn't need last minute rushing around... along with some bread and a green salad... perfect. :-)

Beef Stroganoff, mac and cheese, a roast, sweet and sour meatballs, coq au vin/reisling, a mild curry, spag bol even... lamb shanks...

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