Mince and potato pie.... my mother in law

superstitious, Nov 23, 8:24pm
is coming for tea... and she has requested an old school mince and potato pie.... got her to explain it to me.

is mince cooked up with onion and carrot.....
then you put a layer of mince, then slice potatos, then mince, then potatos, then mince... then pastry

anyone got a recipe for it?

waterlilies, Nov 23, 10:06pm
Sorry I read that as if you were going to mince the mother-in-law and put her in the pie.
Haven't heard of the type you are actually after but makes me want to make a lancashire hotpot, mmmmm.
I am sure if you just make a nice flavoursome mince and par boil some potatos you'll be fine :)

buzzy110, Nov 23, 10:40pm
Sort of. Only it is not a lasagne. All you have to do is create a beautiful mince, boil potatoes, add butter, milk and finely diced onions and mash.

Layer your beautiful mince into a casserole or ovenproof dish, spread the prepared potato mash on top and throw into the oven to brown and heat.

I'd put more effort into the mince.

Saute sliced onions and celery in a pan with butter/fat or oil, add capsicum and mushroom for a further minute or 2 then add in the mince. Saute till browned adding a small smidgen of curry powder or similar during the browning process. Now add some carrot, frozen peas and maybe some carefully chopped cauliflower. Put in either a tin of chopped tomatoes or beef stock or just plain water. Season to taste and cook for about ½hr. Thicken with flour mixed with water (yes I know that sounds gross but that is the old fashioned way of doing it). If you like, before thickening, you can drain off the fat, however, once upon a time the fat was part of the dish and not discarded.

Place into your casserole or ovenproof dish (could be just a plain baking tin if you like), cover with potatoes and heat. Some very 'sophisticated' people used to grated cheese over as well and add sliced tomatoes if they were in season.

kob, Nov 24, 1:58am
just make sure you salt your potatoes as you cook them cause back in the day they salted everything and they will know

superstitious, Nov 24, 2:02am
she doesnt do salt. so will only add a tiny bit to the mince. hmmmm i feel rather nervous attempting this LOL

whitehead., Nov 24, 9:08am
slice your potatoes thinly with onion and toss the lot into a pot of boiling water bring back to the boil for about a minute and then drain and let steam dry ,then do your mince and potatoes layers .by cooking the potatoes first you will not have uncooked spud in your pie and the flavour is lovely

horizons_, Sep 2, 11:02am
Old fashioned mince pie is as kob describes.