Baking whole snapper

jaymez1, Nov 15, 6:48am
should i scale it cut the skin side ways an stuff it,rub itwith butter onions an tomato wrap in tin foil,how do you do yours,,

esther-anne, Nov 15, 7:08am
Oh boy!My only access to snapper is through the unbelievable supermarket prices.

Why defile it-I would simply fry it gently in some butter and oil with freshly ground pepper-and devour!!Why try to interfere with that special and delicate flavour??

From a pennniless superannuitant-lol!

fisher, Nov 15, 7:29am
scale gut and gill the fish and make side cuts 3 cms apart both sides..
lay out a "long" piece of foil and fold in half.. lay some slices of butter on the base..and then some lemon slices on top.. Add some lemon pepper and then place whatever fresh herbs you have got in the gut cavity.. parsley.. dill.. fennel.. ?? Sprinkle of salt and pepper into the slashes both sides and then a few more slivers of butter on top.. drizzle of white wine if you want.. fold over the foil and wrap the parcel up.. Pre-heated oven 190c and cooking will depend on how big the fish is but as a guide, 15 mins each side.. Remove and leave in parcel while you dish up other side dishes/vegetables..

fisher, Nov 15, 7:34am
esther-ann..I have an abundance of fish here (in the far north).. I catch my own and are also given some exotic varieties as well.. It's a shame you are not closer ..:}}

bisloy, Nov 15, 7:43am
I am lazy, so I just gut it, put a few lemon slices inside, a sprinkle of lemon pepper and Sid's smokey rub a few good knobs of butter, wrap in tinfoil and bake.

gerry64, Nov 16, 2:08am
come to Bathurst Esther-ann - just paid $9.95kg for snapper - sign said NZ so queried if it wasnt from Asia and the ever so bloody rude woman went out the back and brought the chillybox out with NZ label on it and sold me some straight out of the box - why is it so much cheaper over here

kuaka, Aug 10, 10:13am
Probably for the same reason I have to pay $12.99 kg on special for NZ legs of lamb whereas my sister in the UK can buy fresh NZ legs of lamb for half that price at Tesco!