urgent sunday white bread loaf recipe???

allurs, Feb 27, 10:43pm
hi guys, I've got visitors coming and they love fresh white bread like you get from the bakery!
So to impress them hehehe I'm gonna give it a go! !
Does anyone have a awesome recipe? !

pixiegirl, Feb 27, 10:45pm
Search for breadmaking thread - use search function on LHS. I think juliewn has a good recipe in there for white loaf etc

elliehen, Feb 28, 12:19am
Maybe too late for today, but have you seen the 'half-baked' bread in the supermarket? Fifteen minutes in the oven at 180* C and you have a delicious crusty loaf with soft interior.

kaz445, Feb 28, 4:49am
A bread I often make and is always a success is Jo Seagers Beer Bread. Just look for it on her web site. Very easy and very quick.