~* HIGH~TEA *~ Got any recipies or ideas please??

chic-a-dee, Nov 14, 6:01am
My mother is setting up a little tearoom from home doing High tea, in the most proper fashion!! She has got country roses royal dolton teasets and lovely silver teapots etc. We are trying out different recipies and playing around with them. We were thinking little sandwiches of smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber, a lemon tart or slice, an almond sponge, a little panacotta type thing, something rich & choclatey, little drop scones with currants, whipped cream and jam, little fairy cupcakes, mushroom vol u vonts, asparagus rolls. Something along those lines if you care to add your thoughts or experiences in this area, that would be welcomed! Thanks.

noonesgirl, Nov 14, 6:18am
Ginger Gems
Sponge Fingers/Drops
Queen Cakes
Meringues filled with cream
Fudge slice
Date loaf

cookessentials, Nov 14, 6:26am
I think you pretty well have it covered. The most important thing is size. Always dainty, not over-sized.

chic-a-dee, Nov 14, 6:27am
good ideas, thanks. She made tiny pink meringues with rose water and thet were divine! Do you mean a soft gingerbread like a loaf or hard like a biscuit?

chic-a-dee, Nov 14, 6:28am
Yes, youre so right, would you think to do sandwiches in fingers or use a cookie cutter and make small circles? club sandwiches or single layer?

rosathemad, Nov 14, 7:17am
chic-a-dee, there are sooooo many options, but so long as everything is yummy and dainty people will love it. Triangle sandwiches with corners cut off always look the part, too - I wouldn't use a cookie cutter as you'd end up with lots of waste, fingers or triangles or rolls are cute enough.

We did a series of these as fundraisers back in July - we had club sandwiches (triangles), chicken and basil sandwich rolls, feta and cherry tomato tartlets, parmesan sesame crumple crackers with relish, scones with jam and cream, ginger kisses, passionfruit macarons, raspberry macarons, chocolate raspberry mini cupcakes, chocolate eclairs, and lemon yoghurt teacakes. We made everything from scratch so if you want any of the recipes let me know - and you can see our set up here: http://www.mrscake.co.nz/2010/07/high-tea-success.html - we had Royal Albert English Rose teasets - so similar to the Royal Doulton!

Edited to add, the favourite items on our menu were definitely the macarons - they are a bit fiddly but once you get the knack they're not that difficult and they really do impress. :-)

chic-a-dee, Nov 14, 7:41am
Wow, that is great!! Awesome idea about the triangle sandwiches, didnt think of that! Actually I think its royal albert not dolton, I get mixed up, but its all come from the UK and has lovely gold edging with dark red and orange roses on them, so very pretty. My husband has just painted the room for her in a lovely cream, and she is getting gold edging made up to look like panels on the walls etc, so should look beautiful once finished. Just need to get the right combination of food to please a wide variety of people. I will look at your link now, thanks.

cookessentials, Nov 14, 7:53am
I would do heart shaped, just for something different.
Macarons would also be great...they will be the next big thing after the cupcake. There are macaron shops in melbourne. Check out this link

chic-a-dee, Nov 14, 7:53am
Just looked at your site, you have done well to serve so many in one hit! I have sent the link to my mother so she may email you for recipies, thanks alot.

suzanna, Nov 14, 9:05pm
There is a macaron shop in Norman's Rd in Christchurch 'J'aime Macarons'. They may well have a website. Their macarons are delicious and so many flavours.

rosathemad, Nov 15, 2:10am
Thanks chic-a-dee!

J'aime les Macarons do make lovely macarons - and the ladies who run it are so friendly and nice, too. A bit pricey for putting into a high tea but definitely a lovely little treat of an afternoon - apparently they're very popular for weddings, tinted to match the wedding colours. :-)

tinyted, Nov 15, 8:48pm
Went to The Langham Hotel for a high tea and they served large chocolate covered strawberries in dark chocolate and white chocolate that looked like they were wearing tuxedos with bow ties.Imade these last Christmas for dessert and everyone was impressed. They also served a selection of small 'homemade' chocolates which went down well too.To make the tuxedo I think I dipped the strawberry in white chocolate (for the shirt) then dipped each side to make it a V in the front then you hand paint on or pipe on the dots of dark choc for buttons and bow tie on the front which contrast nicely on the white choc shirt.I wish your Mother well in her venture.

rkcroft, Nov 15, 9:20pm
Here's a picture of the strawberries in tuxedo's

mausymoo, Nov 15, 10:26pm
What area is this lovely sounding "High-Tea" going to take place in.They are always so popular and a real treat for a special outing.

dee1200, Nov 16, 1:20am
hi there, i had a high tea baby shower!! so much fun! some of the things we made were neenish tarts, coffee tarts, mini fruit flans you can either use strawberries or seasonal fruit, they all looked gorgeous and you can make them quite small so they arent hard to eat and add colour to the table. good luck with yours

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