Help with paneer cheese

hankey_man, Nov 12, 7:59am
I have tried several attempts and they all fail.

Then once i have drained the curd all I end up with is a bunch of seperate clumps of curd. They don press together and form a nice soft ball as Ive seen on videos on youtube.

I usually drain it by hanging it for half an hour and then place something on top it to help press it.

Someone suggetested putting it in a blender? Anyone tried this method.

Next plan is to buy 50-70litres of full cream milk (dependant on this weeks pay) and not stop until I get it right. That's hoping I can get it right within 50 -70attempts. Then once I have it mastered I will make bigger batches

purely.ethereal, Nov 12, 8:03am
I think that you need to hang it alot longer then half an hour.Probably more like 5 + hours.And you need to leave it with something quite heavy on top.

If it is coming out all right flavour wise but not texture wise you can use it for a scrambled paneer dish.You can use it in Samosa, stuffed roti, make pakora with it, paneer bhurji (like scrambled) - spice it and use it in wraps..the imagination is the limit.

pom-pom, Nov 12, 8:07am
Watch this on youtube! By an outfit called 'Show me the Curry!' It's a 9 minute video on how to make paneer cheese!! Whatever you want to make or learn, someone's make a short film it and uploaded it to youtube - bless 'em!!l

emmapear, Nov 12, 8:08am
are you maybe adding too much curdling agent so the curds are too dry and only have to add enough till the whey goes greenish/yellow. At this point the curds will still be very soft but will firm up once drained and cooled. I don't ike hard paneer so dont put heavy things on top just leave in colander for a couple of hours.

hankey_man, Nov 12, 8:21am
ah ...yes maybe too much curdling agent. I put the whole lot in . I checked out the show me the curry vid and followed it for my first attempt. Going to go buy some milk and try again

ashanti, Jul 30, 5:05pm
correct quantities in cheese making are important, not too much hit and miss otherwise things will go wrong. I have no problems with panir but have problems making the indian sweet from panir, can never get it fudgy enough.