Sugar free pikelet recipe pls

watertank1, Nov 7, 6:53am
Just after a sugar free recipe pikelet recipe for my dad thanks

lilyfield, Nov 7, 6:54am
just leave the sugar out, from your standard recipe

watertank1, Nov 7, 7:03am
oh ok, mum said she had had another recipe in the past but now cant find it....

elliehen, Nov 7, 8:08am
I use this recipe for making savoury pikelets.
Blend all till smooth:
2 cups flour
1/2 tspn salt
1 tspn baking soda
2 tspn cream of tartar
2 eggs
1 cup milk

marcs, Nov 8, 6:11am
Many pikelets don't have much sugar however if you are making for someone that is diabetic, white flour would also affect their sugar levels more than sugar would. You can always substitute sugar for splenda in any recipe and may be try wholemeal flour.

joybells2, Nov 8, 8:43pm
I am diabetic, I just cut down the sugar a little but there is not enough in there to worry really, by the time you divide the amount of pikelets in the mix, you arent going to eat them all yourself I suppose, its only a little.

litedelites, Nov 8, 9:33pm
Yes, the above are correct, either reduce sugar or replace with splenda.I have a recipe for pancakes that are suitable for diabetics, made with oats, if anyone is interested I will hunt out and post. T

hoonguek, Nov 9, 2:44am
dont need sugar in pikelets. you can make yr own jam w/o sugar again, make it in small amounts to go with yr pikelets. also for the non-diabetics they can still have the sugarless pikelets and spread their jam or honey etc.

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