Christmas cake - best way to store please??

lindar, Nov 5, 8:06pm
Need to put it away before it gets eaten! thanks

motorbo, Nov 5, 8:25pm
i made one last year and i skewered it when cooked and poured brandy over it, then i soaked a teatowel in brandy and wrapped it in the teatowel then wrapped it all in newspaper and popped it in a tin

clair4, Nov 5, 8:29pm
I wrap mine in tinfoil and then a few sheets of newspaper.Have never had any problems.Have just made some and was told to put 3 layers of glad wrap and freeze.I am going to do this as these cakes are very moist and I do not want them to mould.I will take them out a day before I give them away.

maynard9, Nov 5, 8:43pm
I am pleased you haven't had any problems with storing in aluminium foil.I went to Ruth Pretty's Xmas demo one year and she advised never to do that as the acidity of the fruit and alcohol can interact with the aluminium.A lady in the audience agreed saying she had done it one year and ended up with a very 'metalic tasting" cake
Ruth recommended waxed paper, then newspaper then in a tin - never plastic/Tupperware and this makes it sweat.And preferably not in the kitchen with all the heat from cooking.

malcovy, Nov 5, 8:47pm
I wrap mine in greaseproof paper then newspaper and store on a shelf in the spare room cupboard.

timetable, Nov 5, 8:53pm
i also wrap mine in greaseproof paper and newspaper and then into the tin and at the back of my bickie tin cupboard - out of hubby's sight lol...i use gingerale in mine but it stores lovely and never goes off....

melford, Nov 6, 4:46am
I make a huge one and I gladwrap it when it is completely cold and then I freeze it as it really improves the flavours. When it is defrosted (take out a couple of days before Christmas) the flavours have matured and the cake is really moist. Ice when it comes out of the freezer (if needed)

juliewn, Nov 7, 2:32am
Hi Melford.. I do the same.. 3 layers of gladwrap then into the freezer till needed - though I have found they taste very good straight from the freezer too!

clair4, Nov 7, 2:40am
Thanks for the info.Will not use aluminium in the future.Even tho I have not had any trouble.

lindar, Jul 19, 11:16pm
Thanks too everyone. I have wrapped in grease proof then news paper and put in a cool cupboard. Might freeze the next one and compare the difference, though the next one may be shy on the brandy as thought the kids might like it better, on second thoughts they have loads of treats at christmas, In will go the brandy!!