Gluten Intolerant

campmother2002, Feb 26, 1:04am
We have a Family member coming to stay and I was planning on making Broccoli (sp) Bake which has 1 pkt of Maggi Cream of Chicken soup in it but it has Wheat in the ingredients - can you buy something similar that is "wheat free"?

angie461, Feb 26, 1:08am
If you look in the gf section at the supermarket you will find they do a few gf maggi soups. I have a great recipe for a vege bake that is delicious if you would like it?

missbella2, Feb 26, 7:43am
I would love your recipe for vege bake angie461... before my sons coeliacs diagnosis I used to just use a packet mix to make one and the kids loved it, but I haven't been brave enough to try and do something from scratch yet

campmother2002, Sep 10, 5:15pm
Angie461 - Yes thanks - I would very much like your Vege Bake Recipe.

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