Pie lids lifting off

cookessentials, Oct 22, 1:33am
When you put the tops on, do you brush the edges with a little milk or suchlike bfore placing the tops on? if you do this, it will help the lid stick to the base and hopefully create a seal. They still look pretty good to me. Bearing in mind also that flakey pastry does puff up quite a bit which may mean it lifts away from the pie edges somewhat.

datoofairy, Oct 22, 1:36am
Yes, I did brush with milk.I lined the tin, then filled it and brushed milk across the top edge.Then I laid the top on and rolled my rolling pin across the top to cut the excess off.
I will be making more of these for my brother to take to work sometimes, and I guess because others will see them I want them to look perfect (silly, I know).
I do see the holes I poked in the lids look like they have sealed over, so maybe I need to cut slightly large steam vent holes.Or would that just let the filling spill out?

a_n_h, Oct 22, 3:57am
mine always do that too. kids dont mind and neither does the husband :)

your pie still looks really yummy!

dorothy_vdh, Oct 22, 4:31am
maybe it could have something to do with the way you rolled off the top pastry. I have heard my boss say that to our pie maker when the lids lift. That and also not enough liquid before sealing could be the other reason

datoofairy, Oct 22, 4:50am
Did you boss say exactly what is wrong about the way its rolled?What should I be doing differently?

dezzie, Oct 22, 6:40am
After you roll the tops, take a fork and crimp right around that nice wee lip the tins have, I think that will fix it.
They are lovely looking pie tins, I've been looking for "proper" sized pie tins for a little while now.

margyr, Oct 22, 6:55am
lovely looking pie, used to make hundred at one bakery I worked at and once the top was rolled off use your thumb to go around the edge pressing it together. same as what dezzie is saying but a thumb instead of a fork.

nfh1, Oct 22, 6:57am
Looks lovely - no advice though.

nfh1, Oct 22, 7:14am
I have some of those - they do seal OK.I just put lids on and press down with the handle of a teaspoon to make the edges look pretty.

elliehen, Oct 22, 8:25am
I press with the top half of the bowl of the teaspoon and get a decorative scalloped edge to the seal :)

Haven't checked the pix, but if you want a shiny golden top, brush with lightly beaten egg yolk (no white).

nfh1, Oct 22, 8:56am
Pretty - I am going to try that next time!

dorothy_vdh, Oct 22, 9:35pm
sorry I'm not much help, I don't make the pies at work. Like I said I have heard the boss saying that to the pie maker.
But your pies look really good. I'm sure your brother will enjoy them

dezzie, Oct 22, 9:42pm
Oh they do look good, thank you!!

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