Where to buy chillies in Christchurch?????

iriegirl, Oct 10, 2:51am
I fresh ones that have a bit of "kick"

sumstyle, Oct 10, 3:50am
Are the ones from the supermarket no good?New World South City have chillies...

sarahj1, Oct 10, 4:18pm
Raewards (Tower Junction and by the airport Johns Rd) often has them - red and green - they are biggish and have a bit of kick- but you want the wee little ones for real firepower.Not really in season locally - cos need lots of sun to ripen.Maybe use dried??

obviousas, May 21, 6:43pm
Do you want spicy ones and not pay the world?

1) Indian spice shops or Thai, Indonesian/Malaysian stores have all round the year supply of fresh chillies. In Auckland, they are around $7.99/kg.

2) Make your own fresh chillies. Use red capsicum (they are also quite expensive now) and add cayenne powder and blend the capsicum in a grinder or food processor and add a pinch of salt to taste.

If you want Tabasco flavour, add a couple spoons of vinegar (white or malt).