Cheese Sauce

hsv35, Feb 24, 8:50pm
Why does my cheese sauce curdle 90% of the time? ? ?

245sam, Feb 24, 8:58pm
hsv35, that's a problem I've never had but I'm thinking that the curdling is probably caused by overheating the sauce after the cheese is added.
Perhaps it would help if you told us how you make your cheese sauce. :-))

hsv35, Feb 24, 9:03pm
Just like white sauce which turns out great, but as soon as i add cheese it curdles. Have asked many people i know but none of them have had it curdle. Just me lol.

245sam, Feb 24, 9:06pm
hsv35, what kind of cheese do you use? and once the cheese is added, do you simply stir the sauce to melt the cheese into the hot sauce or you do heat it? :-))

hsv35, Feb 24, 9:09pm
Colby cheese but doesn't seem to matter which brand. I take it off the heat then add cheese.

lil_miss_haley, Feb 24, 9:15pm
I've found that mine does that if I add the cheese to soon to taking it off the heat, so I take it off and let it cool down a bit before adding cheese.

245sam, Feb 24, 9:17pm
IMO hsv35, it's the colby cheese - I have used it but I don't recall having used it in a cheese sauce however we never use it now as we find that it's way too oily. I suggest that you try using e. g. edam or tasty cheese.

As I've never had the problem that you have I tried googling for answers for you so hopefully you'll find the info' on this link to be useful:-


Hope that helps and good luck for having non-curdled cheese sauce in future. :-))

indy95, Feb 24, 10:01pm
Hsv35, you can stop your cheese sauce from curdling by adding a little cornflour mixed to a smooth paste to water to the mixture before you add the cheese. After you bring it to the boil remove the pan from the heat and then add the cheese and stir vigorously until you have a smooth mixture.

The cornflour helps to stabilise the sauce and should prevent curdling. I find that giving it a good whisking with a wire whisk also helps.

Edited to say that the colby cheese is probably the cause of the curdling. I usually use edam or tasty depending on what I'm making.

hsv35, Feb 24, 10:41pm
Thank you so much for all your help. Going to make cheese sauce tonight. Fingers crossed that it works lol.

cccc3, Feb 25, 3:09am
I was told that cheese sauce will curdle if you don't add enough flour to the butter. I was interested to read about the colby cheese being oilier than the other types.

jmb79, Feb 25, 3:56am
Hi hsv35. Hey I'm quite good at making cheese sauce as my husband loves the stuff! ( he would just about drink it if he could! )
Anyway I use about 50 grams of butter and about 3tblsp of flour. it important to let this kind of cook for a wee bit otherwise the sauce can taste floury. then slowly add milk stirring all the time then i just chuck however much cheese you want but it has to be tasty cheese as whenever i have used mild/edam it curdles. and stir all the time! Hope this helps

natalie9, Feb 25, 4:17am
By the way do you use cornflour? Much better than normal flour IMO

lythande1, Sep 7, 12:14am
Curdle? never knew it could.
What I have seen is thick gludgy sauce though.
I use a strong aged cheddar and therefore need a small amount of cheese compared to what I see most people using.
You get great flavour with a nice smooth consistency and none of that gludginess.

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