Healthy potato dish to feed a crowd

supercook, Sep 30, 9:03pm
Any ideas I am making potato salad and need another potato dish which is easy and healthy and feed alot of people

uli, Sep 30, 9:31pm
Baked potato, scalloped potato, wedges ...

Healthy? I don't know.
What else are you going to "feed" those people except potato with potato salad?

supercook, Sep 30, 9:35pm
Yes of course do have other food on menu Homemade tomato pasta sauce with pasta and cold meats and salads

greerg, Sep 30, 9:37pm
I'd go for a really big dish of scalloped potatoes.Tasty if you substitute chicken stock for most of the milk, sprinkle each layer with a little finely diced onion, parmesan, and finely diced bacon/ham (don't need much of this).Make sure you use Agria or similar floury potatoes.I find most of the all purpose ones are not nearly as good.If I make it for a crowd I find it disappears really quickly even when I think I have made a ridiculously large quantity.

supercook, Sep 30, 9:41pm
Yes I do have agria potatoes and I guess I could precook it and heat it when needed.

cookessentials, Sep 30, 10:19pm
We have a "Potatoes" thread with a heap of ideas.

evorotorua, Oct 1, 8:48pm
If you are feeding a lot of people, you might find some of them just like plain potatoes. My son (16yrs) and his mates love crockpot potatoes. I fill a crockpot (slowcooker) with potatoes , salt and pepper toss a little oil though and put on high for an hour and then maybe 3 or 4 hours on low. They are ready in the dish you serve them in and the whole thing can be left cooking in any room until required. I just clean them beforehand, I don't peel them, just cut them so they are about a half tennis ball size-ish! Then you can have a gravy next to them. Older people particularly appreciate the plainess of the plain old spud especially if there are other rich dishes served.

uli, Oct 1, 9:19pm
evorotorua - if I read the above post correctly the menu consists of potato salad, "other" salad, cold meats, pasta and pasta sauce. So plain potatoes with pasta and potato salad is maybe not so exciting. Would be good with a roast and gravy or something similar.

Personally I would try and think what people will heap on their plates and make the salads accordingly.

One choice could be: Pasta and green salad.
Or cold meats, potato salad, green salad.
Or your potato dish (whichever recipe you will chose in the end) plus green salad.

duckmoon, Oct 1, 11:37pm
mashed potoates
potatoes in their jackets...
or wrap them in tin foil and cook in crockpot - for some reason people love unwrapping at "parcel"

guest, Jan 11, 7:20am
Your website has to be the elctorenic Swiss army knife for this topic.

guest, Jan 13, 1:38pm
kfh September 29, 2012 at 6:02 PMno wonder they tatsed good and you almost died if they have 2 tbsps melted butter & 2 tbsps olive oil on each one! sound delicious but i don't think my arteries would thank me.Butter and olive oil don't actually clog your arteries. They are good fats for your body because they are natural, and naturally made. However, there are a lot of CALORIES in 2 tbsp of butter PER bite. That seems like a little much. Can the recipe be modified so you can eat them like they are sweet potatoes and not cookies??