Advice required re cheesecake

nanaw13, Sep 27, 10:23pm
I have just made a white chocolate cheesecake & I am sure it will fail. The first problem is the gelatineI used davis powdered but couldn't seem to get it right, went all stringy, tried it twice, the 2nd problem was how do you get all the little lumps out of the cream cheese/condensed milk mix, I seemed to be beating it for ever, any helpful advice will be appreciated, thanks

ttwisty, Sep 27, 10:39pm
not sure about the gelatin bot the cream cheese should be left at room temperture for a bit before you start mixing

nanaw13, Sep 27, 10:41pm
thank you, didn't think of that.

245sam, Sep 27, 11:41pm
Alternatively cream cheese can be softened in short bursts in the microwave but care is needed that it is not over-softened and then, after a good beating there should be no unwanted lumps in the cream cheese before or after the additional ingredients are added to it.
IMO the gelatine was not dissolved properly - I have always used
Davis gelatine powder and never had any problems with stringyness but I always let the gelatine soak in a cold liquid then if adding it to a cold mixture I dissolve it either over hot water or carefully in the microwave and beat/mix it in very quickly - of course it's much easier if the soaked gelatine is being added to a hot/warm mixture because the heat of the mixture dissolves the gelatine nicely.

Hope that helps and that you find that your cheesecake IS much more successful than you seem to be anticipating.:-))

2halls, Sep 27, 11:51pm
A simple way to get any lumps out is to pop it through a strainer ... hey voila,smooth as a baby's botty !:-)

nanaw13, Apr 22, 10:45pm
245sam thank you for your confidence in me, it did actually turn out really well and the lumps were only on the very top, so I now know what to do next time! I still not happy about the gelatine it is along time since I used any and this was a new pack maybe it needed more water to soak up initially but any way alls well. Thanks