Help stuffed chicken breast wrapd in pastry

caro25, Sep 26, 3:26am
do you pre cook your chicken fillets first or will it cook ok when wrapped how long would i cook these for (so pastry doesent burn) i am not using felowjust normal puff pastry

kate777, Sep 26, 7:07am

Yeah, you will need to cook the chicken, but how you're stuffing chicken fillets I don't know. Are you sure you're not using breasts?

Stuff the breasts, roll, toothpick into place and sear on all sides. This will cook it enough, then wrap in the pastry (really, filo would be much nicer...) cut off the extra bits of pastry so you don't have 4 layers at the corners and underneath, then cook. Once the pastry is cooked, so wlil the chicken be.

kiwibubbles, Sep 26, 7:18am
isn't fillets the same as breast? lol

kate777, Sep 26, 7:39am
Sure. In the same way that leg is the same as cow.
A fillet is usually a strip cut from the breast or leg. Not the whole breast.

martine5, Sep 26, 7:55am
I think the poster means filo spelt felow

kate777, May 4, 4:04pm
Yeah I think that was fairly apparent. Thus the laughing face.