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kermitnz1, Feb 5, 10:38am
I just thought I would share this, but it may well have been posted before :-)

how to make natural unsweetened yoghurt for $1 per litre in your yoghurt maker.

The first time though you do have to buy one small pottle of natural unsweetened yoghurt. You will need 1/2 C of natural unsweetened yoghurt, 1 C of pams non fat milk powder and almost a litre of very cold water.

Put the yoghurt in a small bowl and the milk powder in another, mix both with some of the cold water until the milk has no lumps and the yoghurt is thinned.

Pour both into your yoghurt maker pot and top up with the rest of the water and use your maker as you normally would.

A 1kg bag of Pam non fat milk powder costs $9. 95 and you get 10 cups from it, enough for 10 litres of yoghurt.

Then just set aside 1/2 C of your homemade yoghurt as your starter for your next lot.

Very quick, and cheap and tastes the same as the natural easiyo packet mix.

angel404, Feb 5, 10:41am
very cool :)

vinny8, Feb 5, 10:51am
Definitely will make this, is there also a way of making a flavoured version?

kermitnz1, Feb 5, 10:55am
I just make it this way vinny and when I serve it I add stewed fruit or even homemade jam or fruit sauce. It's great having it natural because I can use it to make dressings, on nachos/chilli etc... and just about anywhere I'd normaly use sour cream.

amourette, Feb 5, 5:07pm
Hiya I will be trying this too, do you think it would work with Greek Yoghurt as the starter base... ... . . thanks so much!

pickles7, Feb 5, 6:09pm
I will be up to try this, thanks ... . kermitnz1 ... . sounds good.

goldgurl, Feb 5, 6:59pm
Very good Kermitz! ! THANK YOU.

We don't eat much yoghurt in this house, but love that you can use this recipe in other foods as a substitute for sour cream.

*off to find where I've put the ol' Easy-yo :)

annie642, Feb 5, 7:03pm
awesome, thankyou I have tried this with other yoghurt but it didn't work. I know why now

kermitnz1, Feb 5, 7:06pm
You're all welcome, it's nice to be able to share something that was passed on to me. We would have used a lot more yoghurt than we did if we could have afforded to, so this is great for our budget and health too.

amourette, I'm not sure, but I was told to only use a natural unsweetened yoghurt as the starter as it has all of the right good bacteria/cultures etc... in it. I'm not familiar with Greek yoghurt so I couldn't say, sorry :-)

pickles7, Feb 5, 7:11pm
We always added powdered cows milk to thicken the goats milk . Without the powder it was a little too thin. . It was not a lot but the difference was for it to be eaten, or not. . I was waiting for your answer, I did try Greek yogurt once, didn't work for some reason. . I used unsweetened , and never added sugar. .

kermitnz1, Feb 5, 7:17pm
Hi Pickles. I used De Winkel as my starter, it's an all natural yoghurt.

pickles7, Feb 5, 7:59pm
OK that is a nice yoghurt. I do believe if you start with a nice flavour you will make the same, by using that culture, all going well.

accroul, Feb 6, 5:33am
Yoplait unsweetened greek yoghurt works well as a starter.

lilyfield, Feb 6, 8:38am
have done this for the last 35 years. before we had joghurt makers I
used the electric blanket as warming pad, and a duvet on top. One day I jumped into bed without thinking- guess what? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

uli, Feb 6, 8:50am
What ? ? ? ?

dinky17, Feb 6, 8:22pm
make greek yogurt yourself... simple... . first make the yogurt like it says on here, once made... get colander, place teatowel in it, and place colandar over a bowl, pour the yogurt into it... let the water drip out of it... overnight... . . and replace water with milk, , , done.

dinky17, Feb 9, 2:06am
I tried your recipe kermit. . and it worked a treat... but pretty runny, any way to thicken it ? more of one or the other?

kermitnz1, Feb 9, 2:28am
I'm not sure sorry dinky, I've not had a problem with it being runny. How long did you leave it in the yougurt maker? I generally leave ours at least 8 hours. Most of the time I put it on at night and then pop it into the fridge in the morning.

dinky17, Feb 9, 3:17am
yep... thats what I did... made it about 4 in the afternoon, , took it out of the container where the boiling water goes into the next morning, strait into the fridge, and in the evening I tried it, when it was nice and cold... ok. . nevermind... thanks anyway. .

lilyfield, Feb 9, 3:21am

a very soggy bed

pickles7, Feb 9, 7:59am
Yes , I bought two 1 liter pots of Greek yogurt marked down. great @3. 66 a pot. I have been adding ordinary milk to the pot as I Take some out. stir well, put back into the fridge. . When I get it out next it is all nice and thick, just like it was before adding the milk. . I did this twice, all good , then the third time it didn't thicken as much, but still thicker than the ordinary yogurt...

dinky17, Feb 9, 9:51pm
just wondered about kermits recipe, what if you put half cold water and half cold milk... might be more like greek yogurt then or maybe thicker aswell... try that tonight. . lol

janny3, Feb 10, 2:59am
Dinky you can use 1/2 fresh milk, just scald it until it gets a skin on top then add your cold water and milk powder. Stir in your fresh yoghurt when it cools enough. Otherwise it is a bit runny if made just from milk powder & water. The runny yoghurt is good for baking (use instead of milk) and marinades or if you want it for smoothies (etc). I like to use full cream fresh milk for that smoother texture. Good luck!

kermitnz1, Feb 10, 3:31am
you can just use another 1/2 C of milk powder if you want to as well, but that makes it $1. 50 litre lol. I don't know what is going on for everyone else because I've never had a problem with the yoghurt being runny, mine is slightly thicker than the plain yoghurt you buy in the shop :-)

kermitnz1, Feb 10, 3:33am
I was told to use very cold water as apparently it makes all the difference, I use water from the fridge so maybe that's why?

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