when making relish...do you

arcdee, Feb 23, 1:07am
let it cool, then bottle? as i only have jam jars with screw on lids. . will this be ok? ?

rosiedee, Feb 23, 1:38am
Hi, You bottle your relish straight from the hot pan then place lids on and screw tight. Hope this helps.

pixiegirl, Feb 23, 2:23am
hi arcdee - make sure your jars are steralised and still hot - dont put hot relish into cold jar.

winnie231, Feb 23, 3:15am
Have the jars in the oven on 100C for 30min before you need them and the screw top lids in a bowl of boiling water.
Fill the jar to the brim with hot relish, screw the lid on tight & turn upside down for 10mins. This helps 'suck' the lids in so they seal properly.
I work on a large wooden board so I don't have to worry about hot jars cracking on a cold benchtop.

duckmoon, Feb 23, 3:22am
I sterlise the jars and lids, and then put hot relish into hot jars and screw on hot lids (with my asbestos hands! )

darlingmole, Feb 23, 3:33am
The advice I was given (and stick to) is ...

clean/sterilise jars
place jars AND lids in oven @ 100 deg C for at least 15 mins

pour HOT but not boiling relish mix into jar straight from oven
leave about 1cm from top (at least) then screw your lid on tight
the lid should POP after a while, sometimes you can help this process by pressing down the lid

winnie231, Feb 23, 3:39am
darlingmole - you need to be careful with putting the lids in the oven as many of them have a plastic lining which will melt.

herika, Sep 3, 2:02pm
I use the sterilizing tablets, made for sterilizing babies bottles and teats, for the lids :)

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