Free Range Cook, 11th Sept 2010

danjoboys, Sep 12, 7:16am
Hi - did anyone get the recipe for the drink she made? Can't even remember what it was called but I was about to write it down when I got a call from overseas so had to take that instead. Remember it was a red colour, had oranges in it..... cheers.

ttwisty, Sep 12, 7:24am
sangria but no i didn't get the recipe sorry

winnie231, Sep 12, 7:26am

winnie231, Sep 12, 7:28am
whoops - sorry - just realised you want last night's programme ... that was Sangria. Raspberry cordial was on the 1st show.

danjoboys, Sep 12, 8:31am
Thanks winnie231, missed that drink and it sounds divine! Good recipe to add to my christmas gifts collection :)

suzanna, Mar 13, 6:05pm
The sangria was red wine, a cup of orange juice, lemonade, sliced oranges, cointreau all poured over ice cubes. one of my favourite drinks especially in summer. Enjoy