Free Range Eggs in Hamilton

paghan, May 22, 11:41pm
Anybody sell them?
They are too expensive to buy in the shops, but they are far superior to cage farmed ones., May 22, 11:47pm
There is a farmers market every - its either saturday or sunday - in one of the techs carparks in town- just off collingwood street.

katndan, May 23, 4:44am
Cambridge has a great farmers market every Saturday morning too. I'm pretty sure someone there would have them.

kamitchell, May 23, 6:25am
What area do you live in? We live in Matangi, but have seen a couple of houses with signs out for $4 a dozen, which is probably the cheapest anyone will ever find. Otherwise, I think the prices you would pay at a Farmers market would be very similar to the supermarket prices.

floralsun, May 23, 8:51am
Gosh - did any of you see the egg programme on TV last week. . some 'free range' or 'barn' eggs are able to be called that, though the hens are kept in a barn, able to go outside, except because they're fed inside they rarely go out. Eggs are sometimes 'injected' with dye too, to make the yolk more yellow!

I was astonished. . the man being interviewed (didn't catch where he was from - maybe a poultry marketing board or similar? ? ) said the dye is used 'because customers tell us that's what they want - a good colour yolk! ' Can't see that any customer would want dye injected into eggs!

floralsun, May 23, 8:53am
Maxwell - there's a farmer's market in the large carpark on River Road - there are lots of trees in the carpark - and it's near the Claudelands Bridge. . is there another one at weekends off Collingwood? Thanks for info., May 23, 10:14am
There used to be when we lived there (1. 5 years ago) so I am going off memory where it used to be. . I didn't know about the river road one? so perhaps they have moved it to there?

aktow, May 23, 3:28pm
a friend of mine sells free range eggs at a farmers market, , we have a great laugh as he buys the eggs from a caged chicken farmand then tells every one they are free range. . 80% of so called free range eggs are not free range at all.

lulu239, May 23, 9:42pm
The Farmer's Market shifted from Collingwood St to the Sonning car park on River Rd because they were running out of room I believe., May 23, 10:18pm
Thats good news! means its becoming more popular in the city.

floralsun, May 24, 12:33pm
I've seen articles about people doing that - I don't call it 'a great laugh' - I call it not selling what he's claiming to sell - which is fraud.

fruitluva2, May 24, 9:29pm
And for Free Rangehow much is he Charging? ? ! bahShame on him, the Fake egg

tinart, May 26, 4:17am
hey paghan i would sell you some of my chooks eggs! ! ! they are truly freerange! ! ! happy little hens. i am moving in a few weeks to matangi if thats local for you :o)
what rotters to sell caged eggs as freerange! ! i have a 'freerange' chook farm next door to me now... their hens must freerange inside the large barns cos i have never seen one outside ever! ! !

fruitluva2, Jun 18, 12:10pm
Geee was thinking of coming to Matangi way for FR eggs but not keen on guessing who is genuine and

... ... . . outdoor FR!