Free range eggs in chch

pigletnz25, Aug 4, 11:46pm
So if people don't give a crap about free range eggs why do they see out within 30min at our farmers market, you need to be there at opening to get any. If your happy to pay and support people who treat their animals like crap thats fine, but its a bit much to say others don't care about free range. I would go without rather than pay for a lesser product, and to me and my family they do taste different, just look at the yolks for starters the colour difference is amazing, however each to their own.

buzzy110, Aug 5, 2:23am
I echo your thoughts. I do care and don't like supporting the practise of caging hens, for their entire lives and nor do I think that making them live free on the floor of a barn that is ankle deep in chicken crap is any better so I don't buy barn raised chickens either.

samanya, Aug 5, 5:46am
You are so right about colour . my girls have a small paddock to forage in (bigger than a lot of house sections these days) & although tests have shown that taste/nutritional value is not a lot different to cage/barn or other eggs . the colour certainly is. I give a lot of eggs away to family & friends & they rave, I consider myself so blessed to be able to keep chooks & share their eggs.

pinkcell, Jul 13, 1:34pm
hi does anyone know where to buy them. . not supermarket. .

nursky, Jul 13, 8:30pm
The Hen House on Comway st have them.

buzzy110, Jul 13, 10:55pm
How about at the market? I remember there was a huge market every Saturday which I seem to recall also included a Farmer's type market.

I buy all my eggs from my local market - $9 for a tray of largish/medium size free range eggs.

deanna14, Jul 14, 1:57pm
Crikey, $9 for 2 1/2 dozen free range eggs, someone isn't covering their costs.

winnie231, Jul 15, 9:21am
The Eggman at the Christchurch Framers Market (Deans Bush) on Saturday mornings sells lovely big eggs a @ $6/dozen.

firob, Jul 24, 10:22am
Prestons Road, west of Marshlands Road, sign at the gate.

aktow, Jul 24, 12:14pm
$6 a dozen and that's why most people do not give a crap about free range eggs. i buy a tray of 30 eggs for $5.90 in my local store and they taste just the same as free range.

crazynana, Jan 11, 11:01am
yes aktow, it is all very well saying buy free range eggs but if your budget doesn't stretch to that you have not a lot of choice. If you have a family it is better to get some eggs than go without because they are free range and twice the price of other eggs.