Chocolate fondue

hindsfeet, Sep 11, 8:12pm
Have made one of these before and it was lovely. now I can't find my recipe and cant rember how. Can anyone help me? I remember I used a block of chocolate and cream?? anything else and method? My fondue set just uses a tealight candle for heating.

juliewn, Sep 12, 2:36am
Hi.. I did a search - search bar to the left.. and found this.. I would think you could leave out the liqueur and you could use a different type of chocolate.. it sounds delicious..

Chocolate & Hazelnut Fondue.

1/2C cream
250g flavoured chocolate can use cadbury hazelnut , chopped
2T chocolate liqueur
Continental biscuits, cherries and strawberries to serve.

Pour the cream into a heavy based pan. Add chocolate and heat gently, stirring until smooth. Stir in liqueur. Place the sauce in a bowl over a candle warmer if you have one and serve with the biscuits and berries.

Quote fruitluva2 (0 )2:52 pm, Wed 6 Jan #264

I'd make the recipe, pour it while still hot into the fondue pot, then keep warm there..

I had a chocolate fondue in a Hamilton restaurant recently - they had small dishes with the chocolate sauce in on a platter, surrounded by a range of fruits.. nashi, apple and pear slices, orange (wedges with skin partly removed), strawberries, pineapple, and marshmallows and the little square caramel lollies with a white stripe in the middle - I think they're available at supermarket pick-your-own lollies sections.. it was truly delicious.. :-)

summersunnz, Sep 12, 9:28am
A caramel sauce might be nice too -

Heat in a jug in the microwave - 1 cup cream, 1/2 cup brown sugar and 25gms butter - stir well - done!

hindsfeet, Mar 14, 3:19am
thanks for your help