Please help I need a recipe for Homemade Chocolate

robbie.j, Sep 11, 10:00am
I need the old fashioned recipe for homemade chocolate can anyone help?

ribzuba, Sep 11, 10:01am
you want the truffle centres?

robbie.j, Sep 11, 10:03am
I will give it a try.

245sam, Sep 11, 10:04am
this one robbie.j? - it's from Trademe Cooks.....

"Homemade chocolate
1/2 lb Kremelta, 3 level tablespoons cocoa, 1 level cup icing sugar, 1 heaped cup skim milk powder. Melt Kremelta, add other ingredients and mix well. Pour into a dish and leave in fridge to set. If you want any varieties, try adding coconut, or raisins, or peanuts or whatever you want. NB: orange makes it go a bit weird.
posted by jaxma":-))

ribzuba, Sep 11, 10:10am
to make chocolates:
Ganache centres:
100ml cream
200g good quality chocolate chopped (coveture is preferable, DONT USE COMPOUND OR COOKING CHOCOALTE)
boil cream, let it sit aside for a minute then pour over chocolate, whisk until emulsified then pour into a flexipan mould and let set in fridge several hours.
if you want to flavour chocolate centres add flavouring to the cream but not too much extra liquid and try to use natural flavourings.
when they are set cut into small chocolate squares then using a bowl of melted chocolate (only use coverture if you can temper it) drop one square in, put a fork under one side to gently turn it and make sure it is covered, slide fork underneath the square then bring it out of the chocolate and tap the fork ont he side of the bowl until there is no chocolate running off it.put the chocolate on a piece of baking paper and using another fork gently slide it off the tines of the first.let set.

robbie.j, Sep 11, 10:14am
Thank you both so much.The one with the skim milk powder was the one I was looking for,I wil try the other one to thanks again.

glennie, Aug 8, 11:48am
Hi - I was about to give you my mother's chocolate recipe as well but it;s the same as the skim milk powder one - probably about 60 plus years old!!!! And totally delicious ...