Homemade chocolate

cottagerose, Oct 24, 8:11am
Does anyone have a recipe for this not using kremalta please. As Christmas is fast approaching Id like to try my hand at making some

schnauzer11, Oct 24, 9:09am
If you don't want to use vegetable fat,I fail to see what you can get to use instead.

harrislucinda, Oct 24, 9:49am
yesbecausethatisallitisreally withmilkpowderandicing sugar

cottagerose, Oct 26, 5:28am
homemade chocolate can be made using chocolate melts but I dont have a recipe

jcdm, Oct 26, 8:37am
I have a great recipe its one eveyone wants .Ill hunt it down for you

cobbe, Oct 27, 3:14am
Hello all, I would just love to have a chocolate recipe using kremalta.I had a beautiful recipe years ago but have lost it. jcdm could you give me yours please. Cheers

buzzy110, Oct 27, 3:53am
Cacao or cocoa butter.

cookiebarrel, Oct 27, 5:20am
cottagerose, I just use the chocolate melts from the supermarket, put them in a heatproof bowl, using a pyrex type one at present, put them into a heated oven (about 100c) for 5mins or until starting to melt around the edges of the 'buttons'.Take them out and mix them well, with a clean wooden spoon, if not melted enough put them back in the oven and keep checking them every couple of minutes, then when all melted and flowing nicely spoon or pour into moulds.Place moulds into fridge for a few minutes and then tip them out.Just new at this and not sure if I am doing it correctly, but it does work for me.Filling them is a different matter!

cottagerose, Oct 27, 6:07am
Thankyou cookiebarrel. Much appreciated. Ive just found a nestle recipe for fillings such as apricots,brandy,and peppermint ess. I will also check out the nestle web site

cookiebarrel, Oct 27, 6:38am
Yum yum, can I join your Chrissy present list then :-)I've been making shapes to put on chocolate cupcakes and finding it fun.

cottagerose, Oct 27, 6:50am
Last year I made choc and took to work for all my workmates on xmas Eve and they loved it, but I lost the recipe. It had condensed milk and choc melts but cant remember what else.

mums.toys, Oct 27, 7:03am
i make super yummo fudge with choc melts and condensed milk! is that what you mean.choc melts are already chocolate arent they!

cottagerose, Oct 27, 7:15am
You are right, I guess I called it chocolate as that was what it was called when I was given the recipe. Could I please have your recipe for the fudge

mums.toys, Oct 27, 8:19pm
sure you can.well not exactly a recipe its just a guess and see sort of an arrangement.i buy the milk choc nestle melts i find two pack of those and one tin of condensed milk is about right simply melt the choc in microwave add the tin of condensed milk and beat.I sometimes seperate in into 2 or 3 bowls and add orange essence to 1, peppermint to another and strawberry to another

cottagerose, Oct 28, 7:06am
Thankyou MumsToys.

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