Homemade chocolate

walker18, Dec 23, 8:09am
Has anybody got a recipe for a small amount of H?M chocolate to spreadona sheet to break up for decorating

harrislucinda, Dec 23, 8:27am
foundthisin anoldbook1 cupicing sugar 1cupskimmilkpowder3tlbspcocoaorless1/2lbvegfatsiftdryingedthenpourovermeltedfatpourintogreasedtrayletitsetthevegfatiskemelta

walker18, Dec 23, 8:31am
THANK YOU I have all the ingredients here will try right now

dna187, Dec 23, 8:50am
oh and that choco is beautiful, use to make that years ago, kremelta chocolate, melts in your mouth

coconutbuns, Dec 30, 7:08pm
Yes I remember this recipe!It is from way back and very yummy. Thank youharris for bringing it back!

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