Marsala wine

radars1, Sep 11, 2:32am
Where can you buy marsala wine in Whakatane or what can you substitue it with

svx1, Sep 11, 2:46am
Hi there most wine shops have it great to have in the pantry for alot of italian dishes both savory and sweets.

radars1, Sep 11, 2:54am
thanks, but tried all the liquor outlets here and they dont some did not even know what it was. do you know of a good substitute. want to make osso bucco

dec1066, Sep 11, 3:03am
Use sherry instead :)

245sam, Sep 11, 3:52am
radars1, although not needing to know right know for my own needs I googled for an answer to your question and found that suggested substitutes are very sweet wine, port or sherry as advised at:-

After losing our bottle of Marsala to the lounge carpet during the earthquake I thought this info' just might come in handy when I would otherwise have gone to the liquor cabinet for the near new bottle of Marsala!

Hope that helps.:-))

Edited to add that our now smashed bottle was purchased from the Mediterranean Food Warehouse here in Christchurch so do you have anything similar in Whakatane?:-))

radars1, Mar 11, 1:08am
Hi 245sam, thanks very much for that, going to use dry sherry and look out for marsala wine when next out of town. one place said they were asked for it alot, i did think maybe they could stock it since there is a demand. Hope you weren't hit too badly in the quake. some looks quite devastating.