Custard Cream?

beth81, Sep 2, 6:11am
So there is an amzing place in Queenstwon called Lick,, every time we go over there, I have to have several of there waffles with the amazing custard cream sauce on them,,, like a cream consistency with a custardy flavour. Does anybody have any idea how I can make this? Apparently ridiculously easy , but alas that is all the amazing owner would tell me.

rainrain1, Sep 2, 6:27am
Try making the edmonds custard recipe on the box, only with cream instead of milk, maybe a tad thicker...i don't know for sure, but someone else is bound to

ribzuba, Sep 2, 6:28am
try anglaise

rainrain1, Sep 2, 7:11am
Mmmmm that sounds better :-)

gardie, Sep 2, 8:18am
What about making a thick custard and then fold through some whipped cream?

frogz99, Sep 3, 1:33am
Try a carton of thickened ready made custard and beat in a packet of marscapone. Chef friend of mine does this for his trifles. VERY yummy.

beth81, Sep 3, 8:45am
MMmmm, Thank You all, These all sound amazing. I am thinking tmrw eve may be dessert night at our place, with all variations tried.

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