Easy Fruit Cake Recipe Please.

karenbnz, Aug 14, 10:17am
My Husband loves fruit cake, never made one before. Does anyone have an easy recipe please.

korbo, Aug 14, 11:48am
yes, will post tomorrow, as i am in bed... ... ... does he like dark or light ones.

maggie.o, Aug 14, 12:05pm
this is a great cake pumkin fruit cake2 cupsflour 1 and half cups self raising flour 1pound butter 1 and a half cups caster suger 500grams mixed fruit 2 cups cooked mashed pumkin almond essence 8 eggsmix butter and suger add all over things mix well put in greased cake tin cook for 1 hour this is a great moist cake sure hubby will love it

midas1, Aug 14, 9:29pm
Try this for easy, and it is actually very nice... 1kg fruit mix, 2 cup's of fruit juice or cold tea, 2 cups (350g) self raising flour. preheat oven to 125, soak fruit in juice for as long as pos (or overnight if your organised) stir in flour and bake for 2-2. 5 hours in the bottom of the oven. It even freeze's well.

bombaloo, Aug 16, 11:02pm
My favourite recipe too. Make it all the time and just like Nana used to make :)

chirpygirl, Aug 17, 7:36am
Condensed Milk Cake:Bring to the boil, 1 lb Mixed fruit, [2 lb for a rich cake], 1/2 lb Butter
and 1 cup of water. Then add while still warm, 1 tin condensed milk, 1 tsp of b. soda, 1 tbsp
and 10 oz, of flour
sifted wit a small tsp of b. powder
and essences. Bake at approx. 2 hours 275 deg, Can be mixed in the pan that you cook it in. Absolutely beautiful.

karenbnz, Aug 17, 8:36am
Hey thanks for all your recipes will try them all out hubby can decide the one he likes best... . Thank you so much for all your help.

karenbnz, Feb 2, 3:10pm
Any fruit cake light or dark :)